Educate and support disadvantaged and vulnerable children

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This is a specialised program aimed at volunteers over 30 years of age and who have maturity, life experience and knowledge in order to adequately assist and support the vulnerable people and children we work with. The activities have been chosen to deliver sustainable change whilst providing you with the opportunity to share your knowledge, skills and experiences with underprivileged communities in Cape Town. Over 30’s programs offer older volunteers, who might not want to travel with gap year volunteers an opportunity to travel and work with similar aged volunteers from all over the world.

The focus of this project is to educate, support and empower disadvantaged, orphaned and vulnerable children and youth through a sustainable approach to community development.

As a volunteer you are an essential part of the team, assisting our efforts of providing children and youth with a better education and a brighter future. Throughout this experience you will have rewarding opportunities to help prepare for weekly educational learning activities, which will be implemented whilst on project with the support of facilitators and fellow volunteers.

These are some examples of the ways you can contribute as a volunteer:

  • Assisting teachers during lesson times and throughout the daily routine.
  • Help with reading, crafts and games at preschools and community facilities.
  • Providing one-on-one attention to children who are facing learning and developmental challenges.
  • Assist with a vital community feeding programme which provides children with a nourisihing breakfast before school.
  • Support much needed and community identified building/refurbishment projects.

Feeding Programme

Based in the community of Capricorn, volunteers help to support a feeding programme which reaches up to 190 children throughout the year. Receiving a nutritious breakfast before heading off to school allows the children the energy necessary to support learning and development. For many, it may be the only meal of the day. Our volunteers provide extra hands and allow the limited staff time to interact with the children, to ensure that the morning runs smoothly, and that the children get to school on time.

Community Preschools and Educare Centres

The project currently partners with preschools serving vulnerable children in the underprivileged local communities of Red Hill, Masiphumelele and Ocean View. These preschools offer children from disadvantaged backgrounds an invaluable head start to their education and future. Unfortunately, understaffed and lacking in essential resources, these schools often struggle to meet the needs of the children. Volunteers are of great benefit to the schools and contribute in a variety of ways; assisting teachers with lesson planning and implementation through a school readiness approach, providing one on one attention and educational opportunities when possible, and more generally helping out with the daily routine.

After having spent the morning at one of the schools that we work with, you will assist in the local communities through a range of afternoon projects. You will rotate between the following community projects (Please also understand that our projects are continuously evolving, being improved, and adapting to the needs of the local communities that we are involved with, so involvement areas do change from time to time. Rest assured your work will be necessary, rewarding and exciting!)

Community Building

Working alongside some of the most disadvantaged communities in the southern peninsula, the project's partnerships help us to identify much needed building and maintenance projects. The limited capacity and resources of many community facilities makes this form of volunteer assistance essential, meeting needs which would otherwise likely go unaddressed or unattended. In the past volunteers have contributed to community building in a variety of ways, building playgrounds at schools, painting classrooms, fixing broken windows and doors, building gardens and even picking up garbage. If it is needed, our volunteers are always first to step up to the task at hand.

Home for Children Infected and/or Affected by HIV/AIDS

This home for children provides an environment where kids can flourish, channelling their energy into educational and recreational activities that allow them to excel. It is home to 21 children, ranging in age from 1 to 18 years, many of whom have experienced interrupted learning and are struggling to keep up in school. Volunteers support the children by providing structured individual and small group programming aimed at addressing the areas in which a child may be struggling while also encouraging and emphasizing strengths.

Safe House

The Safe House is a loving home for 6 ladies (20-30yrs) who are escaping desperate circumstances and 21 orphaned and/or vulnerable children (0-17yrs). Volunteers engage with the Safe House in a number of ways. Outside of school the children are rarely exposed to stimulating learning or recreational opportunities essential for physical and social development. Volunteers plan and deliver a range of activities including sports, games and homework support. Some volunteers also assist in the planning and delivery of a support group for the ladies.  With a number of infants and toddlers who have been affected by fetal alcohol and substance use, some volunteers engage in stimulating play and activities which encourage healthy child development.

Masiphumelele Library

Considered one of the most important community facilities, Masiphumelele Library offers a number of services to individuals of all ages. With abuse rates amongst children escalating volunteers provide a safe environment. Structured as a drop-in program for children from the ages of 4-5 years up to youth ages 12-14, volunteers assist in the planning and implementation of arts and crafts, puzzles, games, literacy and one-on-one reading, and homework support. This is an opportunity to engage with a broad range of children from throughout the community, encouraging creative exploration and fun with learning!

Special Needs support for Children with varying abilities

This Special Care Centre provides support for children, youth and adults with additional developmental requirements. Volunteers assist the facility to provide supportive and rehabilitative services for people with special needs from within the local communities. To assist in this part of the project volunteers will interact with a range of ages and developmental needslearning requirements, and so must have had some experience in Special Needs care and be willing to spend a minimum of 4 weeks with the centre.

The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Youth Centre

The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Youth Centre (DTHF YC) was set up in response to pleas from the Masiphumelele community for a youth centre for the young generations to attend after school. As a volunteer, you may be involved in the planning and delivery of lifestyle and recreation workshops for to youth aged 12 and over. These sessions work in line with the aims of the centre which include ; to provide an environment where young people can learn and develop new skills, which equipped participants toto make the healthy choices in all aspects of their lives, including those related to HIV.

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