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A unique opportunity to assist teachers working in rural schools on the doorstep of the Victoria Falls, and soaking up the essence of a rich and vibrant culture.

In the rural villages outside of the town of Livingstone, teachers are working in schools lacking even the meagre resources and support available to most schools in town.  Yet, these teachers are faced with a full classroom of eager young learners.  You will assist ALERT support the several rural schools with which we work by:

-  Preparing and giving extra-curricular lessons in English literacy, numeracy, basic life skills and conservation education;

-  Assist teachers in the classroom by giving additional attention to pupils that need the extra help;

-  Assisting to upgrade school facilities through refurbishment or building projects to provide a better learning environment for the students;

-  Assisting teachers to plan, prepare and give lessons according to the national curriculum (this activity is only for those who provide evidence of prior teaching experience).


English literacy:  You will be trained in how to use educational materials that have been developed for Zambian schools by AXIS Education, TESSA and Happy Readers.  Each lesson has a pre-prepared plan which you will follow with specific aims to achieve during that lesson.  You will typically be leading small groups of children who have a similar reading age through the lesson plans.

All new pupils to our book clubs will need to be tested to assess their current reading age, so you will also be trained in how to administer these tests, which are part of an ongoing programme of assessment of the project by Coventry University.  The result from the initial test will determine how the literacy programme is designed for that individual child, which will be worked out between you and our project manager.  Students are regularly re-tested to assess improvements and their lesson plans altered accordingly.

Numeracy:  Our numeracy syllabus aims to improve pupils understanding of numbers.  The curriculum has been developed by Coventry University and is intended to support not replace maths lessons in the national curriculum.  You will be trained in how to administer tests to assess pupils’ current ability, and in the use of pre-prepared lesson plans.

Basic Life Skills:  Developed for ALERT by John Taylor High School the Basic Life Skills course has been adapted to be appropriate for children in Zambia.  The course is known as STRIPE which is an acronym of the 6 skills used:

-       Self Manager (coping with stress) – which incorporates being motivated and organised.

-       Team Player (effective communication) – which also covers leadership, co-operation and adaptability

-       Reflect (self esteem) – which also covers target setting

-       Innovate & create (problem solving) – which encourages students to look at problems in new ways

-       Participator (non-violent conflict resolution) – which encourages students to ‘behave for learning’ and make positive contributions

-       Enquirer (decision making) – which encourages students to ask questions and research their own answers to reach valid conclusions.                

As a volunteer you will be trained in our lesson plans and will be asked to prepare and lead the lessons with groups of children.

Conservation Education:  Our course has been developed for use in Zambia by Coventry University and John Taylor High School, and has been assessed to ensure that the syllabus is able to change attitudes to a more positive view of conservation.  As with all our courses, you will be trained in the use and assessment of our established syllabus and lesson plans.

Classroom assist:  With one teacher and many kids, with varying educational capabilities even within one class, some children can get left behind.  Your role will be to assist the teacher by giving extra attention to individual students during lessons to help them get the most out of lessons.

Upgrading Facilities:  With few resources available just maintaining school infrastructure can be difficult for the schools.  You will assist in repainting old, or even building new classrooms. 

Teacher Assist:  For volunteers with prior teaching experience you will be assigned to a specific teacher at one school to assist them in planning and giving lessons according to the national curriculum.


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