Assistant teaching in a rural primary school

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Your volunteering mission on The Malawi Teaching and Community Upliftment project is to contribute to child development and the community through assistant teaching in a rural primary school which lacks the sufficient resources, funds and teachers. Teach pupils on how to preserve and protect the wildlife of Malawi as well as educating them on HIV and AIDS.

The introduction of free primary education in Malawi has seen a large increase in the number of pupils going to primary school, but this increase in access to education has also brought major infrastructure problems and a decline in the quality of education. There are a number of rural schools that are seriously under-funded and do not have the resources or sufficient teachers for the huge number of children that attend each school. There can be a ratio of between 100 and 150 students to each permanent teacher.

As a result, many of the children do not fit into the classrooms and have to sit on the floors to receive instruction from just one teacher. They do not receive any vital one-on-one attention and those with learning difficulties often get left behind and may even find themselves years below their fellow classmates.

Most children start formal education at primary school from the age of six. There are often mixed ages in each grade and it is not uncommon for secondary school age children to attend primary schools, as they may have started schooling late, or have been held back a year.

You will be working in one of the local schools, teaching core subjects to the children of different ages and levels. There are teachers who you will be assisting you and you may wish to focus on certain individuals, or groups to provide closer or more individual attention.

The main subject that you will teach will be English, then Math. You may get involved in other academic subjects, though this will depend on what the teacher is teaching at the time. If you are creative you can plan your own lessons to incorporate almost anything.

Your volunteer work in the primary schools will involve, but will not be restricted to:

Assistant teaching: Provide individual attention and assistance to children during lessons
Help with arts, crafts, painting, reading and games
Organize special needs classes for children who have not been able to keep up with the pace of the classes
After having spent the morning at one of the schools, you will assist in the local community in various aspects in the afternoon. You will rotate between the following community projects 4 times a week:

Extra Lessons
We recommend that you try and identify those children who would benefit from extra help, to take part in the additional afternoon lessons. You will be able to use the library and the classrooms during this time. Help the students to express their views through debates and forums, provide educational sessions and activities, whilst also creating fun and encouraging students to learn. Use song writing, short plays, poems and posters to assist them.

Development Workshops
Make posters and flyers with the children to try and raise awareness and understanding of various topics within the school and the wider community.  Educate pupils on conservation and how to preserve and protect the wildlife of Malawi or advise them on HIV and AIDS. Use pictures, songs, games and dancing, while making learning easy, yet beneficial.

Computer Literacy
Educate local teachers on how to use a computer and in the future, children as well when sufficient equipment is obtained.

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