AT1 is on the prowl
July 12 2013

The 8th of July and Nala, Narnia, and the five cubs were paid a visit by the vets. The recovering Narnia had her reflexes tested with positive results from both of her back legs.  The vets are encouraged by her progress.  

All sedated lions were given a health check up, and we took the chance whilst they were asleep to take a variety of measurements.  Blood samples were taken for DNA profiling and disease testing as part of pre-release preparations for the five cubs which will take place when they are old enough in 2014.  Nala and Narnia were included in this as they are one generation distant from a known wild population, and will provide us useful information to compare with the five cubs. All cubs were given microchips and the four females fitted with contraceptives as a family planning measure to avoid any possibility of in-breeding before they are old enough for release.

AS5 got some special treatment for an abscess on his left shoulder bone which was described by the vets as just a build up of fluid between the muscle and skin and nothing to worry about. 

The vets work on Nala

The vets work on Nala

Early morning on the 11th saw a hudled Ngamo pride in Amboseli. Kenge seemingly had had enough of the cold, windy conditions and led the pride into the less exposed 'Camp' area of the site.  As AT1 and KE3 bounced along behind, chasing one another, KE4 kept a keen eye on a herd of impala in the distance.  With the pride slowly moving away from her she soon lost interest and ran off to join them.

As the pride moved on into Etosha, something caught Kenge’s eye. She slowly edged her way towards Route 66, closely followed by AT1. The pride settled and curiously watched the pair lower their ears and bodies into a stalk. The tell tale stripes of a herd of  zebra could be seen in the distance. Kwali soon followed sister Kenge as she and AT1 edged their way closer to the grazing herd. The two sisters took their position in the thicket of some trees and held back as AT1 continued her pursuit. She made her way between the clumps of trees getting closer and closer to the herd. Visual was lost of the young female as the zebra strolled into Serengeti East.

AT1 stalks zebra

AT1 stalks zebra

The K sisters, fixed in their position, watched the moving herd. Soon the sound of galloping hooves could be heard with AT1 hot on their trail.  After chasing for about 70 metres the zebra gained too much ground on the young female and she was left in their wake. The herd, taking no more chances, disappeared into Masai Mara. After their unsuccessful hunt, AT1, Kenge and Kwali headed back to join their slumbering pride. AT1 flopped next to Nala and was soon fast asleep, seemingly exhausted from her chase.  


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