A Christmas to remember
January 6 2014

Our community in Gweru knows how to have a good time, especially at Christmas.  With Antelope Park volunteers organising parties and special visits from Father Christmas himself, local children enjoyed a very exciting end to the year.

A wonderful Christmas party was planned by community volunteers for the orphans of Midlands Children’s Hope Centre.  What a day it was; full of festivities and many hours of dancing, during which the children taught volunteers some new dance moves!   Alex, one of the volunteers, dressed up as Father Christmas and gave each child a present.  The children then sat down to a Christmas feast provided by the volunteers, before the dancing and celebrations began all over again.

Volunteer Theresa said of the day: 'It was so wonderful; everyone was dancing, smiling and having a good time!  For me it was the best day of my trip so far.’

We all know that Christmas is a time to share with those we care about.  What makes it even more special is when your time and commitment can help to brighten up someone’s life.

With this sentiment in mind, community volunteers worked hard to create a memorable day to share with children from Midlands Children’s Home (Rosedale).  A festive lunch of rice, beef stew, coleslaw salad and vegetables was prepared by the volunteers, followed by a delicious Christmas cake.  After their meal, the children were given presents including clothes, shoes, dolls, balls and books.  They then spent the afternoon together with the volunteers watching a Christmas film.  Judging by the smiles on their faces, this was a Christmas party these children won’t forget in a hurry. 

The meaning of Christmas was certainly felt at the Drop-in Centre in Gweru, where street children go for a daily hot meal, education and the company of volunteers from Antelope Park. 

The volunteers wanted to treat the children to a special day full of fun and friendship.  After sharing a Christmas meal with cake for desert, each child received a gift from Father Christmas, before chatting and dancing with the volunteers.  To top off an already memorable day, the children were then taken on a game drive at Antelope Park.  For most of them, this was the very first time they had ever seen wild animals.  They smiled during the entire game drive and could not stop talking about the animals they had seen all the way back to the Drop-in Centre at the end of the day. 

While everyone was grateful for the small gifts they received, the focus of each of these events was friendship and the importance of being part of a caring community.  Thank you to all of Antelope Park’s volunteers who went to great effort to plan these festive celebrations to share the meaning of Christmas with our local children.


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