A Zambian farewell to Shelby
June 25 2014

Last Thursday saw a day that Shelby, a community intern at Livingstone, was dreading; her last time at Maunga Primary School with her Grade 6 class.  Although she was sad to be leaving, Shelby wanted the day to be a celebration and knew that she would like to do something special for her students.  She decided to make them a traditional Zambian lunch of chicken and nshima; the staple food of the country which is made from finely ground corn meal.  Shelby prepared the meal, helped enthusiastically by her students who enjoyed cooking it almost as much as eating it!  Before she left, the students put on a singing and dancing performance to thank her for everything she had done for them and the school.  As they waved goodbye, everyone was happy that it had been a perfect farewell for Shelby.

You could join ALERT as a Teaching in Africa intern.  You would be working alongside staff at schools and orphanages in the areas around our program sites.  Wherever the facility is located, resources are stretched to the limit and each would benefit from your time and passion.  As class teachers in Africa simply do not have time to concentrate on small groups of children who are struggling, or to provide one-to-one learning support to those who need it most, teaching assistance is vitally important to ensure that every student has an equal chance to learn and work towards a brighter future.  An intern’s day is long, but at the end of each one, you can be sure that you have helped to make a real difference to the people you have met.  You can find out more details and how to apply for this and other ALERT internships here

Children from the Maunga community were grateful for the recent donation of toothbrushes and toothpaste from two lion volunteers, Sheila and Leslie from Canada.  As the children learn about the importance of good dental hygiene in school, they were very excited to be given their own brushes and couldn’t wait to try them out at home.  Many thanks for your kindness Sheila and Leslie. 


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