A celebration of the King of Beasts
August 10 2013

Today marks the first ever World Lion Day; a campaign being celebrated worldwide as nations pay tribute to our shared global heritage of this iconic species.

The lion is an enduring symbol of royalty, bravery, strength and justice. It has shaped our cultures and religions for thousands of years and still today is a poignant figure in societies.

The species’ importance culturally, economically and biologically is unprecedented, yet its fate hangs in the balance.  Lion numbers have dramatically fallen across Africa and India leaving fragile and isolated populations in areas where their long-term viability, and mere survival, is in doubt.

World Lion Day has therefore been created to celebrate the King of Beasts; but most importantly to draw much needed attention to lion conservations issues. The campaign hopes to demonstrate the universal importance of the lion whilst also directing the public to those organisations and individuals working to save them, such as ALERT.

Events are being held all over the world to raise lion conservation awareness and also funds for chosen NGO’s.

ALERT are celebrating the day with the help of their fantastic supporters with events in Zimbabwe, Zambia, UK, USA and Belgium!

  • With help from Lion Encounter and African Impact ALERT is taking part in a Lion Parade in Livingstone, Zambia. 150 local children will be joining in a lion art workshop at Mukuni Park before taking to the main street of Livingstone to parade with their banners and posters.
  • In Zimbabwe, Antelope Park guests and volunteers will be holding a volleyball tournament with entry fees being donated to ALERT.
  • At Victoria Falls, Lion Encounter staff members will be showing off their football skills during a friendly match with other local teams.
  • ALERT researcher Yvonne Gordon is holding a fundraiser in Sefton Park, Liverpool, UK and donating the proceeds to ALERT.
  • Past volunteer Jay Fiers will be undertaking the ‘Death March’ in Belgium - a grueling 100km walk in just 24hrs!  You can sponsor him and donate to ALERT here: http://www.justgiving.com/JayFiers100
  • Past volunteer and mural artist of the ALERT Education Centre, Kelly Langdon, held a lion art workshop in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Children at the event painted their own lion face masks and learnt all about the King of Beasts.

You can read more about these events and all events worldwide here: www.worldlionday.com/events/


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