A happy start to the new term
September 12 2013

There were big smiles all round last week as the children from the Midlands Children’s Hope Centre (MCHC) returned to school after the holidays. 

Being able to attend school is a privilege in this disadvantaged community and the children are extremely thankful to the donors and sponsors who have given them the chance of an education.  Here are few words from some of them to express their gratitude for the support they receive, enabling them to attend school and work towards a brighter future.

Blessed Mususu: ‘I would like to express my feelings over the great job you are doing. Schooling is now an easy thing in life as I get everything for my studies to continue.  Many thanks to you all for being very supportive for the benefit of our future because, “education is the fortune of my life”.  Having no schooling, uniforms, fees, books or shoes disturbs schooling, but we are much privileged to get all these necessities.  We are much grateful for this.  Thank you.’

Edson Ambrose: ‘I want to thank you for your support.  I want to thank you for paying school fees and buying school uniforms for us.  I also want to say thank you for all these things that you have bought for us. We don’t have any word to say, but we want to thank you for your love.’

Disaster Chikova: ‘On behalf of all the children at MCHC, I would like to take this opportunity to give a vote of thanks and express how we feel about each and every support which you are offering to us.  We really appreciate all the things which you are donating, for example food, clothes, and school fees.  Now we are enjoying life because of all of you. We are going to school looking very smart because you are acting as our parents and we feel that we are loved.  Thank you.’

Simbarashe Chireshe: ‘We want to thank you for supporting us with school fees and uniforms.  Before I go to school I didn’t know anything but now I am good at three subjects.  In the morning when I wear my uniform I go to school, other children say I am not an orphan.  They say that because I am smart.’

If you would like to enable a child to gain an education, you can by visiting our Sponsor a School or Orphanage page.

Not only does Antelope Park work to assist local communities in Gweru, its support has now spread to the Zimbabwean city of Bulawayo.  When it came to the community team’s attention that the Sandra Jones Centre (SJC), a home for 72 orphans, abandoned babies and children in crisis, was in desperate need of donations, Antelope Park quickly stepped in to help. 

Thanks to the generosity of visiting volunteers who regularly donate clothing, colouring pencils, crayons, games and sports equipment, Antelope Park was able to share some of these contributions with the Sandra Jones Centre.

Michelle Sant, the charity’s Public Relations Officer, forwarded a Certificate of Appreciation and thanked Antelope Park for its ‘amazing donation’.


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