A memorable experience for volunteers
October 1 2014

Mkoba Polyclinic in Gweru is one of four clinics visited by volunteers as part of Antelope Park’s community healthcare project.  Providing services to 50,000 local people, the clinic is always short-staffed, so assistance from volunteers is appreciated.  From counting pills to witnessing childbirth, the volunteers find visiting the clinic a worthwhile and memorable experience. 

Nicole Sfeir from the US was lucky enough to be present at a recent birth in the Clinic: ‘I saw my first delivery while doing a night shift at Mkoba Polyclinic!  The mother was such a strong woman and delivered a beautiful baby girl.  I got to help weigh and measure the baby right after she was born and was so impressed to see the mother on her feet, literally five minutes after giving birth, walking down the hall to change rooms.  It was such a wonderful experience to see a natural birth that happened as it’s supposed to.  It truly made me feel less nervous about having my own children in the future!”

Volunteers at the Midlands Children’s Hope Centre (MCHC) also find that the impact their visit has on them personally is as strong as the one they make on the children they spend time with.  Canadian volunteer, Mary-Sue Atkinson, talked to the orphanage boys about their interests and their hopes and dreams for the future.  She was impressed that many of them aspired to become doctors, lawyers and pilots.  

Mary-Sue’s found the experience a very positive one: ‘We went to Gweru to buy much needed groceries for the boys with money we raised.  It felt good to be able to help nourish the boys and they were very grateful.  We played cards and read books with them, how their eyes sparkled and their bright smiles told us how much they enjoyed our time together.  Lots of hugs and high fives!  The boys are very smart and loving and eager to learn.  By nourishing their bodies and their spirits, I hope to make a small difference in their lives.  They’ve made a big difference in mine! “TATENDA”!!!’

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