A new generation of conservationists
September 19 2014

The recent graduation for pupils of Gweru's ALERT Education Centre (AEC) was held in front of all of their classmates at Mkoba 4 Primary School.  This proved to be a great success as their classmates, friends and teachers were so proud of them and this also made the other students excited about when they too will receive an opportunity to learn at the AEC.  The students who graduated had the opportunity to shake hands with Staben (the AEC Teacher), Mr Mantiziba (Mkoba 4 Primary School's Headmaster) and Ruth Armstrong (an ALERT Facilitated Research Student who is assisting us evaluate and enhance AEC programmes).


Here is what some of the children had to say about their experience of the AEC:

Joshua Shumba, 12 years old

I learnt about African Habitats.  My favorite module was module number 6 Tracks and Signs.  Yes the importants of wildlife and the environment was new to me.  The teaching is very important and helps you to know more about wildlife and the environment.  At the ALERT, I think nothing should be improved, everything is good.  Thank you for the education you gave us. Keep on doing what you are doing. God bless you.”

Brian Zimuto, 12 years old

“I learnt that conservation is the protection, preservation or the restoration of wildlife and the environment.  My favorite module is module one because it was easy to learn.  We learned about tracks and signs.  I think learning is helpful to me because I can get a job of being a conservationist.  I can say thank you very much, may God bless you forever.”

Shamila Alie, 11 years old

“I learn that African animals is very important because it gives us tourists and foreign currency.  My favourite module is module one because we learn that conservation is protection, preservation or the restoration of wildlife and natural environment.  I learn something new that we should not poach wild animals because it is important to us.  To learn is helpful to me because we learn how it is important to conserve wildlife, and I would like to say that your job is very interesting because it helps wildlife in their environment. Thank you for teaching us about conservation.”

Director Sibanda, 13 years old

“I am writing thanking you for your very good program you made us learn conservation. I now have changed my attitude because of your gracious help.  May God bless you for what you did for us to learn about Conservation, African Cats, African Habitats, and African Countries then Tracks and Signs.  May your helpful program complete well so that our little brothers can learn as well as me.  May your program improve in all your work you do.”


Ropafadzo Zimuto

“At the AEC we learn that we should protect wildlife and the environment.  Tracks and signs was my favourite module at the AEC. We learn something that will help others know how important is the wild animals do.  The learning is helpful to me because if my father is a poacher I shall tell him about the importants of wildlife.  It is helpful because if my friend’s father is a poacher I should tell her about the importants of the nature and she will tell her father.  I would say thank you for the teaching you did for us.”

Sheila Nemashakwe, 12 years old

“I learned how important wildlife and the environment is.  My favourite module was module 1 about conservation how wildlife and the environment is important.  I learned new things that we must not poach.  I think the learning was helpful to me very much.  I think the teacher was so helpful to me and he even taught me that we must not cut trees for firewood.  I want the AEC to keep on doing this good job.”

Onysen Ncube, 13 years old

“At AEC I learn about conservation.  My favorite module was African Cats.  I learn about conserving wildlife and the environment.  I think learning is helpful.  The teachers were very kind, friendly and helpful.  At the AEC I learn of the big five which are Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Rhino.  Thank you for what you have done for our learning.”

Zivanai Mhazo, 11 years old

“At the AEC I have learnt about the conservation that conservation is taking good care of the wildlife and the environment.  My favourite module was module 1 about the African Animals but it was not just writing, it was about to learn that animals are important and they identify our environment.  Now I learn that people must not kill animals.  ALERT I thank you about the teaching you told us so we thank.  Keep it up ALERT.”

Beaulah Chambe, 11 years old

“At AEC we learnt about how to take good care of the environment and wildlife animals and my favorite module was module 3 African Countries which taught about countries that we have here in Africa.  And I have learnt that small and big living things are important. They work together to form the eco-system.  The learning is very important and helpful because it teaches us important things that we do not know about.  The teacher is helpful and friendly to all us children.  Nothing should be improved because they are doing a great job.  I thank them so much.”



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