Africa needs lions, ALERT needs you
January 20 2014

ALERT has recently launched The Pride of ALERT Fundraising Network and we would now like to invite YOU to become a member. 

Help us to raise vital funds to continue our work towards the conservation of the African lion by joining together with other ALERT supporters to arrange fundraising events on our behalf.  We are making significant progress towards our goal of introducing lions back into the wild, protecting and restoring habitats and bringing tangible benefits to our local communities, but without further funding we simply cannot carry on.  

By being part of a network, members can not only share ideas, give practical help and advice and offer that essential moral support that is always welcome when organising an event, but also team up to work on a fundraising project together.  Plus you will have the backing of ALERT to make sure that everything you do is a ‘roaring’ success.

With your help, we hope to inspire and support ALERT fundraisers around the world to raise important funding, safe in the knowledge that their efforts will make a real difference.

So, what's it all about?

Each month you will receive an e-newsletter keeping you up-to-date with the current needs of our projects, our successes and what members of the network are doing to help raise funds and awareness.

You will also be invited to join a dedicated Facebook group, The Pride of ALERT Fundraising Network, where you can share ideas and post photographs, as well as ask and answer questions.

As well as organising fundraising events, acting as an ambassador for ALERT's work is an important aspect of being part of the network.  Please spread the word wherever and whenever possible.

It's all about team work!


This could be you!

Here’s what some of our supporters got up to in the name of fundraising last year:

Yvonne Gordon organised an event to celebrate the first ever World Lion Day back in August 2013. Find your Pride’ included a treasure hunt to find lions around the park, face and nail painting, goody bags, a raffle and a gallery of stunning lion portraits for sale.

Also creating awareness of World Lion Day while raising funds for ALERT, Jay Fiers successfully conquered the ominously named Dodentocht (the Death March) in Belgium; a 100 kilometre walk in under 24 hours.

Friends Lucy Argyle and Laura Marie Gibson, who met as volunteers at Antelope Park, conquered their fear of heights by throwing themselves out of an aeroplane during a sponsored tandem skydive.  Both enjoyed it so much that they are considering signing up for a course of further jumps.

Heath Jones completed the Run Melbourne Half Marathon to raise money to support ALERT’s work.  It was a challenge, but one that has spurred him on towards the even greater feat of taking on a sponsored full marathon.  Heath says: ‘Watch this space...’

Kerry Barrett brought a touch of Africa to a school’s Summer Fun Day last July with a stall packed full of photographs and information about ALERT’s work.  Events like this are important not only to raise funds, but also to introduce a new audience to the plight of the African lion and the need for conservation strategies to ensure its continued survival.  ‘The people I spoke to were shocked to hear of the rapidly declining numbers of African lions in the wild’, Kerry said.

A fundraising and awareness day held at her local sports centre proved to be winner for fitness coach Jenn Slaymaker, who organised the event to raise money for ALERT’s community projects.  Such was the level of interest from visitors to the Centre that Jenn now hopes to make this a more regular occurrence.   

Ben Morgan, along with his brother Alexander and his girlfriend Emma Sykes, proved what Tough Mudders they are during a punishing 12 mile long obstacle course.  Crawling through tunnels filled with iced water, suffering electric shocks and getting covered in mud - lots of mud – meant that they earned every penny of the sponsorship money they raised for ALERT!

On a sweeter note, Jo Briffitt, Events Coordinator for Plymouth University’s Zoological Society, helped to organise a Bake Sale, providing cake lovers with over 100 treats to choose from while learning more about ALERT’s work.

Kirsty Lynas doesn't like heights, in fact she HATES them!  But thoughts of the Ngamo lion pride at Antelope Park kept her going all the way down the tallest permanent abseil tower in the world; a daunting 127m (418 feet).  Kirsty said of the experience: 'My legs were like jelly by the time I got to the bottom, but it was SO worth it to raise money for ALERT'.

And because we practice what we preach, I pushed myself to the limit to conquer Kilimanjaro last June on a sponsored seven day climb with my husband Mark to reach the Roof of Africa.  If I can do it, so can you!

You don’t have to be a dare devil to join our network, or even someone with abundant spare time on their hands.  What you do have to be is someone who cares about lions and is willing to play an important role in helping ALERT to work towards their survival.


Here’s what you need to do...

If you would like to become a member of The Pride of ALERT Fundraising Network, please email me now at  I will add you to our mailing list and you will receive your first newsletter very soon. 

Africa needs lions.  Without lions Africa will be a continent that has lost its soul.  We cannot be the generation that allows this to happen.

Sincere thanks from myself and everyone at ALERT for your continued support,
Helen Rennie
ALERT Development Coordinator


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