An update from the Midlands Children’s Hope Project
April 15 2014

The Chairman of Midlands Children’s Hope Project, Thomas from Norway, recently visited the community projects program at Antelope Park with two of his friends.  This is what he had to share about the success of his visit here:

'My two friends and I spent two weeks at Antelope Park, Zimbabwe.  My main goal was to visit Midlands Children’s Hope Centre, to have a look at the current situation at the orphanage and to speak to directors and the children to get their story.   I wanted to see if anything had changed since last time I was there, in 2011.  I was very excited when the vehicle stopped outside Midlands Children’s Hope Centre.  I had not seen the boys for more than two years, but when I entered the gate, it felt like yesterday.  The boys could tell me that they are all going to school, they have food to eat and they have clothes to wear.  While I was there we managed to buy a new freezer for the chicken project, we purchased some medicines and some new first aid kits for the orphanage and we managed to take one for the boys, Simba, to an eye doctor.  The situation for the orphanage is still very difficult, but if we can take one day at the time and make the next day a bit better than the day before, I think the future will be lighter for the boys and for the nice people working at the orphanage.

My second goal was to meet up with our partners in Antelope Park and the Director for the orphanage, Question Ndou.  Midlands Children’s Hope Centre has only got 14 beds, but they are housing between 24 and 30 boys right now.  At the same time many boys and girls are still living a hard life in the streets of Gweru.  Our goal is, together with Antelope Park, to build a new orphanage which can house more children, both boys and girls. We also want to make this new orphanage sustainable in the future.  It is very important that they can be able to help themselves, through the chicken project, the gardening and other projects. They will need help for a long time, but in the end this is our goal.  While I was there I had several meetings with Antelope Park and Midlands Children’s Hope Centre.  After many meetings I feel that we can continue the work together and make a better future for the children of Zimbabwe, as this is a big project with many people involved including Midlands Children’s Hope Project Sponsors, it is important that all of our goals remain the same.

Two weeks is not a long time, but my conclusion is that it was two well spent weeks, and a lot was done.  It was important for me, for Midlands Children’s Hope Project and hopefully for Antelope Park and Midlands Children’s Hope Centre, to come to Zimbabwe, to see the children again and to feel the atmosphere.  I’m looking forward to continue the work and I hope to be back soon.'


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