Are you up for a challenge?
April 4 2014

Today ALERT is excited to announce our most unusual charity appeal yet!  We know how ‘up for a challenge’ you are, so we are looking for teams of US-based supporters who love lions so much that they are willing to literally take a leap into the unknown to raise money for our charity.

Dare Me For Charity is a reality TV show, which will be hosting events in 42 cities across America this June and July.  We want YOU to take part!

The goal of the event is to see how many supporters will make a leap for their charity, and just how high they are willing to jump.  Once you get on the platform and look down at the giant airbag below, things can change - fear can take over.  Are you willing to conquer that fear in the name of ALERT?  At least five people need to carry out a jump for each team to qualify, so ideally we are looking for as many supporters to take part in as many events across the US as possible.  

There are three different ways you can raise money for ALERT:

  1. The Jump Challenge – how high are you willing to jump for lions?  On the day, the show’s host will be daring teams to jump higher and higher from the platform.  The team with the highest combined jumps will win $25,000 for their charity, the second place winners will be awarded $15,000 and there is a $10,000 prize for third place.
  2. On-the-Spot Challenges – as if leaping from a great height isn’t enough, random on-the-spot challenges will be held during the event to help teams try to win more money from a total prize fund of $800,000.
  3.  An additional $150,000 will be up for grabs when the show airs this Fall.  Live voting and donation lines will be open and viewers - along with participating teams and other ALERT supporters - will have until midnight to either cast a vote for our charity on Facebook and Twitter, or donate to us by telephone and online.  When the lines close, the national and local winners will be announced.

To jump, each member of the team is required to purchase a jump ticket, priced between $10 and $15.  (Team captains receive one free jump ticket.)  Each ticket allows you to make three jumps, but there’s nothing to stop you buying multiple tickets to give your team a greater chance of winning.

During the event, Dare Me For Charity producers will interview teams on camera to talk about why they think their charity is so special.  Creating an awareness of ALERT’s work is as important to us as raising funds, so exposure to a national audience would be a significant achievement.  As so many teams will be involved, not all interviews will make it to the final show.  That’s why we want ALERT’s teams to be as high-spirited and eye-catching as possible.  Jumping in a full lion costume would certainly get you and your team noticed; just make sure your mane doesn’t get in your eyes when you leap!

Visit Dare Me For Charity to find out where your nearest event is being held and email for further details of how YOU can take part today.  We DARE you!


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