Back and Forth
August 3 2014

Ngamo pride

It was the last day of July and the research team entered the site expecting the lions to be curled up lying on top of one another as they have been the past few weeks.  However, they found only a handful of the lions in the Tree Tops area on the move towards the Kruger area.  It was only Phyre, KE3, KE4, AT1, Milo, AS4, and Kwali present.  The research team watched them move by the vehicle waiting for the rest to come from a thicket, however, no-one came. The research team was slightly confused, but turned around and followed the group of lions.  They rested by Forest Drive and were vigilant to something not visible to the naked eye.  Yet, AS4, AT1, and Milo seemed to be on a mission and carried on towards a large ant hill in the Kruger area.  The others watched them disappear into the grass and over the mound, and waited.  After a few minutes, the research team heard a lion nearby calling.  Kwali stood up and stared beyond the vehicle, listening. She started to move back towards Tree Tops with KE3, KE4, and Phyre right behind her. 

The research team turned the vehicle around and followed this group.  Driving along, the team saw some movement coming from a thicket in Tree Tops; it was the rest of the pride, however, AS4 and AT1 had joined them! The research team was bewildered how the lions had got back to this area first and watched how the lions greeted each other and started to play. 

Brother and sister AS5 & AS4 greet each other

AS4 & AS5 greet each other

Once reunited, the prided headed back to the Kruger area and the research team turned around again and followed, with Milo nowhere to be seen.  A strange morning it was and the research team wondered what caused the separation.  Possibly they were chasing impala and somehow were split up, or some of the group wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see where the others vanished to.  Whatever the cause was for the separation, Milo seemed unconcerned.  The research team found him by himself in the Serengeti East area near Route 66, clearly waiting for the females and sub-adults to sort themselves out.  Later in the afternoon, Milo finally made his way to the rest of the pride; all together again. 



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