Career-inspired field trip ends term two on a high note
August 17 2016

In an effort to finish term two on a high note, ALERT staff and volunteers from our partners at African Impact decided to take the curious minds at Chinotimba Pre-School in Victoria Falls on a visit to the local fire station. The end-of-term field trip came about when the children had shown incredible enthusiasm about firefighters during an earlier lesson on different career paths.  Staff at the local fire station, which also serves as a rescue service and has ambulance technicians on staff, were eager to teach the children about their duties, the tools they use in their work, and of course, the fire truck itself. 

At Victoria Falls Fire and Rescue Services, the children were met by the firefighters.  After a brief explanation of their roles and duties, the team was very willing to answer the students’ never-ending questions.  They then moved on to the fire truck, demonstrating how various tools on the truck are used.  With supervision, the young learners were able to test out several of the tools for themselves; the favourite being - of course - the fire hose.  Students were then asked questions regarding fire safety to help them learn how to prevent fires and what to do in an emergency.

The day ended with celebratory drinks and snacks, after which the children were able to spend time interacting with the firemen, asking even more questions about how they could become part of the fire brigade!  It was clear to see that the children were inspired, and some may have even decided on a future career path.

About Our School Development Projects

ALERT’s aim is to increase the capacity of the schools with which we work to offer higher learning possibilities for their pupils.  All the schools surrounding our project sites are severely resource limited with classes that are over-crowded and lacking educational materials.  Our projects therefore focus on: school building and refurbishment to create improved learning environments; resource provision of educational materials needed to enhance lessons, and teacher assistance to help teachers plan and run lessons more effectively.  All programmes are operated in agreement with the school in question, and with approval from relevant educational boards.


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