Catch up with our Victoria Falls Projects
December 5 2013

Once again, Lion Encounter volunteers have visited Chikamba Primary School in Victoria Falls to make a donation of clothes and stationary for the children. 

On their way to the school, the visitors called in to see the Chief to tell him about their contribution. He was pleased to greet them and expressed his upmost gratitude to both the volunteers and to Lion Encounter for the great assistance they continue to offer his community.

At the school, the volunteers were given a warm welcome by the children and members of the local community.  It was heartening for them to see the excitement that their presence brought to the school.  The children read their visitors some poems, gave speeches and put on a short play, which both staff and volunteers found breath-taking.  The volunteers donated two bags full of stationary and books and a further bag of clothes and toys for the children and the community.  Since Lion Encounter has been helping to support Chikamba Primary School, there has been a huge improvement in the children’s education and this group of volunteers appreciated the opportunity to be part of this important work.

Here’s looking forward to another exciting trip to the school very soon to continue to help these students work towards a brighter future.

November was a busy month for the students of Monde Primary School, as they have been preparing for their end of year examinations.  Luckily, our community volunteers were on hand to assist with revision classes.  Now that the term is coming to an end, the children are excited about the upcoming holiday and are looking forward to celebrating Christmas.

Children from the Victoria Falls Orphanage were treated to a cookery lesson recently, during which they were taught to make sadza; something they had never done before.  They watched eagerly as community volunteers demonstrated how to prepare their lunch. 

As the children are always so enthusiastic and keen to learn new skills, it makes visiting the orphanage a joy for volunteers.  Assisting with school work is an important aspect of their support.  While encouraging the children to listen to stories and to practice their own reading is enjoyable for the visitors, the benefits to the students cannot be underestimated.  As with the other projects, having this extra support is making a significant difference to the skills of the orphanage children, both academic and social.  

Children from the Victoria Falls community and the Rose of Charity Orphanage now have their own playground where they can socialise and let off steam after a busy day at school.  Having noticed that local children had nowhere suitable to play, Lion Encounter community volunteers made it their mission to raise money to help rebuild an old play area to provide a special space the youngsters can now call their own.

Members of the Chinotimba Garden project have gratefully received a new water tank which was built for them by community volunteers.   In addition to the tank, the volunteers have also provided a hosepipe which will make it easier for the gardeners to keep their crops healthy during the current extremely hot weather conditions.

Assisting on the Victoria Falls garden projects is not only beneficial to the local community, but also allows volunteers to learn new skills that they might otherwise not experience in their everyday lives.  With the wet season not exactly living up to its name at the moment, the volunteers have been hard at work ensuring that the crops, which so vital to the income of project members, continue to grow.

If you would like to volunteer on one of our community programs, you can find out more details here.


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