Conservation Stars
November 17 2013

Conservation Stars

Friday was a special day for our 256 Gweru ALERT Education Centre (AEC) graduates from Mkoba 4 Primary School, as instead of wearing their regular school uniform, the students were allowed to wear their "I'm a Conservation Star" t-shirts to school.  

The day was designated by the teachers as recognition of the AECs role in the lives of the pupils who have completed the 6 conservation modules.  It was also to encourage and promote the program to their fellow students who will have the opportunity to join in the next school year's lessons.

When asked what wearing their "I'm a Conservation Star" t-shirt meant to them the graduates commented:

Ashley - "Since I learnt about conservation I now act differently.  I used to cut down trees but now I don't. I wish for every student to attend the conservation modules."

Nyasha - "I am wearing the t-shirt because I finished all the modules about conservation at the AEC, I feel honoured.  I would like to be a conservation teacher.  Wearing the t-shirt among other pupils makes me feel like I'm encouraging them to take lessons seriously.  My advise to people is that they should protect and not kill animals."

Hazel - "Wearing a t-shirt is in remembrance of the AEC modules I learnt and I feel special.  I share everything I learnt with my friends and family."

Yvonne - " I am wearing a t-shirt as remembrance of the conservation education we did at the AEC, I feel so special since I have had the opportunity to do the lessons."

Valentine - "Wearing a t-shirt is symbol of accomplishment of the conservation modules.  I am a conservation star.  I feel so special as I will be the only one wearing it amongst my friends.  My advise to people is not to kill animals because they are special as human beings."

Sandra - "Not everyone is wearing a t-shirt but only those who attended the conservation modules.  I will be a conservation teacher when I leave school."

The ALERT Education Centre is run entirely run on donations, if you would like to support the program to enable next years Grade 6 classes to learn the importance of conservation and develop our next generation of "Conservation Stars" visit


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