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January 31 2014

Midlands Children’s Hope Centre (MCHC) was founded in 1996 as a response to the growing number of street children living in Gweru, Zimbabwe.  The centre works with orphans and vulnerable children and runs a rehabilitation shelter in Mkoba.  Past volunteers started a non-profit organisation called Midlands Children Hope Project (MCHP), established in 2012 specifically to work towards creating a better future for the street children in Gweru. 

Lene, a past volunteer who is part of this organisation, returned to Antelope Park for four weeks recently to continue to help develop the land that was donated by the Park to build an orphanage for the children.  Lene has written about her visit and gives thanks to all of the donors and sponsors who have given contributions towards this project. 

This is what Lene had to say:

‘My four weeks in Zimbabwe are now over, and it was so sad to leave the most beautiful place on earth.  Last time I came, I thought this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it was.  I just had the chance to have it twice!  Once again I've had the time of my life staying here!  Even though I loved it the first time, I have loved it even more this time.  This time around, I have been working close to everyone, and I have been able to see a lot of development over the past four weeks! 

All of the children of Midlands Children’s Hope Centre have now had their school feels paid for and they have been able to get all that they require; for example school uniforms, school shoes, stationery, etc to start a new trimester.  The total number of children who are now able to attend school is 38, which is really amazing.  This is all possible thanks to the sponsors of Midlands Children Hope Project who, since we started in 2012, never failed to pay for the kids. 

Whilst the schools were closed over Christmas and New Year, the children have spent their mornings helping out at the new orphanage site.  A lot of development has happened at the site.  In the beginning stages it was just a big piece of land with almost nothing on it.  Over the past four weeks the vegetable garden has been planted, which includes tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, green beans, radish, cabbages and maize.  The whole land has been ploughed with a tractor in order to prepare the ground to plant more maize.  All the necessary equipment, seeds, etc that were needed for work to continue in the garden have been bought with the money from our donations. 

The girl’s dormitory has started being built, which is really exciting!  In just two weeks we have been able to get the whole foundation up, which is pretty amazing.  They're doing everything by hand, and it is surely a lot of really hard work.  We are very excited to be able to start the next stage soon, which will be to reach the window level of the building!  Things are moving quite fast in Zimbabwe at the moment and things are really happening. 

It is such fun to see how much development happened over the past four weeks, and to see that the work we have put into it really pays off!!  None of this would have been possible, if it wasn't for everyone who has made a donation through Midlands Children Hope Project.  Thank you to all the sponsors who pay on a monthly basis, thanks to all the donations we've got, and thank you to each and every one of you who either attended one of our campaigns last year, or even attended our charity concert in November 2013 in Norway.  We are so thankful for each and every donation we have received.  

This is what happens when all of the donations are put together!  We are making a difference, and we are giving these kids new hopes.  The children are all so excited about the development and are looking forward to have their own place where they can create a place that they can call home, and that actually looks like a home!

If you would like to read more about Midlands Children Hope Project, please visit our webpage or contact us at

Create a better world - one child at a time.’

Midlands Children’s Hope Centre is grateful to the donors and sponsors that support MCHP, as well as the many generous ALERT donors and sponsors and those who also contribute through taking part in ALERT community projects.


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