Cubs fundraising for lions
July 21 2014

One of the strengths of any charity organisation lies in the commitment of its supporters and ALERT is no exception.  In the past, we have had people throw themselves out of aeroplanes, crawl through mud and icy water, and abseil down tall buildings; all to raise vital funds to help us to continue our work.  It’s not all about putting yourself through an ordeal to offer help though.  Many more of our supporters have raised money by staging fundraising events, holding barbeques, cake sales and fun days. 

The Pride of ALERT Fundraising Network has been set up to support fundraisers such as these by offering a welcoming forum for ideas and advice.  By being part of a network, members can not only share ideas, give practical help, and offer moral support, but can also team up to work on fundraising projects together.  Plus members have the backing of ALERT to make sure that everything they do is a ‘roaring’ success. 

Network member Lorna Harvey, an Animal Management intern from Antelope Park, has recently helped to organise a fundraising event with members of the Bromley 19th Scouts, Cub Scouts and Beavers Group.  The Cub Scouts already knew about lions and the threats to their survival, having previously been given a talk by Lorna about ALERT and her experiences of working with lions.  As a result, they were very keen to raise funds.  The event was well-attended, with a barbeque, lucky dip, pot luck stall, Guess the Name of the Lion, a penalty shoot-out, tombola, cupcake decorating, a raffle, and face painting.  The money raised has been donated to ALERT’s Matusadona Lion Project  in Zimbabwe.  

Lorna was happy that this event was a big success and the good news for ALERT is that the Cub Scouts have chosen us as their charity to support in future fundraising events.  A big thank you goes to Lorna for introducing these youngsters to the importance of lion conservation.

If you would like to support ALERT through fundraising events and sponsored activities, please become a member of The Pride of ALERT Fundraising Network.  There is no obligation once you have joined, but it would be good to have you as part of our fundraising team.  Please email: for further details.  Your support is very much appreciated.

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