Delivering the goods
March 14 2014

A shipment of much-needed baby milk supplies has made its way from the UK to Gweru in Zimbabwe where it will be used by a local polyclinic; all thanks to a kind donor and the services of DHL Express. 

Elaine Thornton from Brighton had a substantial quantity of baby milk formula that she was hoping to donate to a worthy cause.  Of course, with a wide range of community projects in Africa, ALERT was happy to accept this generous offer.  But how to get the supplies from East Sussex all the way to Gweru?  

Having approached a number of shipping companies for support, ALERT was pleased to be contacted by DHL in the UK who were willing to help transport the consignment completely free of charge.  Simon Coe, Mobile Customer Support for Gatwick and Maidstone, undertook the task of negotiating transportation from the UK to his colleagues in Harare, Zimbabwe.  From there, the items were delivered directly to the to the Midlands Children’s Hope Centre (MCHC) in Gweru to be distributed.

The arrangements for the delivery were overseen by ALERT Development Coordinator, Helen Rennie.  ‘The process was a lot more complex that I had originally anticipated’, said Helen.  ‘But thanks to Simon, along with the backing of DHL UK, we have managed to get this donation to its destination.  I can’t thank Simon enough for his unwavering support and assistance.  It is a very good feeling to know that we have worked together to make this happen.’

The MCHC agreed to cover the costs of the necessary permits to allow the donated items to enter into Zimbabwe.   Question Ndou, Director of the MCHC, was very pleased to receive the delivery and is now making a plan to provide the baby milk formula to a local healthcare polyclinic which is supported by ALERT.  On receiving the shipment, Question commented: ‘The three boxes of baby formula are finally with us in Gweru!  What an important learning and adventurous experience we went through.  We are very excited about this worthy donation and can't wait to make sure it is quickly distributed to the needy children at Mkoba Polyclinic.  Well done Helen, Elaine, Simon and the whole DHL Team.  You are true heroes!’

ALERT would like to thank everyone involved in the organisation and delivery of this donation which will benefit needy babies and young children in Gweru.


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