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April 23 2014

One of our past volunteers is gearing up to do something incredible – and you can help her! 

Melissa Shearer, from Toronto, Canada, is a travel blogger who volunteered at Antelope Park in June 2012 and then again in 2013.  She’s documented her time working alongside the ALERT lions on her blog, The Mellyboo Project.  Melissa’s now teamed up with TripleSpot, a smartphone app company, and together they are hoping to raise $10,000 and then will be donating that money to two charities.  Melissa has chosen ALERT as one of the two charities that will hopefully receive $5,000.   

'It’s a cause that is absolutely close to my heart, and I truly believe in all the efforts being done by the ALERT team.  I look forward to the day when the Ngamo cubs are released into the wild.'

The other charity is Free the Children; a North American based charity focusing on empowering youth both domestically and internationally to be agents of change.

'When TripleSpot came to me asking me if I’d be interested in this partnership, where they’re willing to donate $10,000 to charities of my choice, I knew it was an opportunity I had to jump at.  ALERT was the first organization that I thought of when I thought of who the money could go to.  What a unique way to try to raise money – by creating awareness of places, initiatives and experiences that are doing good things – all by utilizing a simple app on our smartphones.  It’s raising money for charity, the 21st century way!'

This is where you come into play.

First, download the TripleSpot app on your iPhone or Android.  (Available now in Canada, US, UK, Australia, Japan and Spain)

TripleSpot is an app that allows you to share ‘spots’ with others.  Spots include a photo, a location and a short explanation.  This is your chance to share the places and things that you care about – and at the same time, do something good for ALERT.

Share spots that are doing good:

  1. Take a photo of a place that is making a difference in your community (or the world), add it’s location, and be sure to include the #10k4good hashtag as well as a description of a cool experience, initiative or cause represented in the spot.
  2. Pat yourself on the back, because of you TripleSpot is donating $2!
  3. Upload as many new spots as you’d like, just be sure to include the hashtag!

Alternatively, like them:

  1. Use the app, and search for the #10k4good hashtag.
  2. Like the spots using the hashtag
  3. Pat yourself on the back, because of you TripleSpot is donating $0.50!* (up to 20 likes)

'Be sure to tell your friends!  Let’s make a difference for these two amazing organizations that are already doing such good in the world.'

Fine Print: Add and like as many #10K4Good spots as you can. Only spots added after April 1, 2014 are eligible. TripleSpot's maximum donation will be limited to $10,000 or less. Stay tuned to @mellyboo on Twitter for progress updates.  Campaign will officially end June 1, 2014.


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