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December 11 2014

Children from Monde Primary in Victoria Falls are making sure the School’s Holiday Club is well-attended.  With between 20 and 30 youngsters at each session, Lion Encounter volunteers are kept busy providing support with mathematics, English and reading.  Art and craft lessons and sports activities are also provided.  These sessions are important, as they give students who might be struggling the opportunity to develop their skills before the start of the next term.  As many of the children are orphans, the Holiday Club also provides a nurturing environment in which they can continue to socialise with friends and volunteers during the school break.

Volunteer Samantha Davidson visited Monde Primary School during the Holiday Club and the experience has had a profound effect on her:

‘Education is the Foundation to your Future.  That is what is written on the grade four door of Monde Primary School (painted by past volunteer Michaela Daniels).  It couldn't be more true.  I now appreciate the value of education, whether it public, private or cultural.  I now see leading through changed eyes and I no longer wear rose coloured glasses.  Monde Primary School is incredible.  The dusty ground and squat brick structures provide for a sanctuary of knowledge for the rural children.  Their commitment to attendance is inspiring as some of them walk up to 15 kilometres to reach the school grounds.  During my few days at the school we did some water colour painting, paper crafting, drawing, reading and outdoor games.  Through all of these seemingly simple tasks these children are gaining knowledge, experience and fundamental skills that we take for granted daily.  I have been so impressed with their commitment to learning, general knowledge and factual base.  I feel guilty for what I have taken for granted; my transport to school, the accessibility of my education and the tremendous opportunities I let slip away.  These children have inspired me and really taught me the value of an education.  The delight that they have in learning has changed my views of education: education is the lighting of a fire, not the filling of a pail.  Knowledge is endless and you can see the light in their eyes as they discover and learn.  African Impact has helped me not only change the lives of others, but my own.  I feel like I have purpose and I value things so much more.  The cost of schooling is small, but the knowledge is priceless.’

Like most rural schools in Africa, Monde Primary is understaffed and poorly resourced.  By agreeing to sponsor a school, you would be assisting in improving education provision and giving these children the chance of a brighter future.  Your donation may be used to pay school fees for pupils unable to afford them, to ensure that buildings are a safe, nurturing environment in which to learn, or to provide resources such as text books and computers.  You can find out more about sponsoring a school here.


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