Hard at work in Victoria Falls
July 30 2014

One of the main focuses of our Community Projects team at Victoria Falls over the last month has been to establish a new vegetable garden for the residents of the local old people’s home.  

Volunteers worked hard alongside staff members to transform an empty space into a functioning allotment which will allow the home to become more self-sustaining.  Before the ground could be prepared for planting, the area had to be cleared of stones and broken glass and then fenced off to prevent visiting baboons from grabbing a free meal.  The volunteers then worked on making worm units for the compost which will be used.  In all, twelve different crops were planted which will provide sufficient food for the home in the short term and will eventually produce an excess of produce that can be sold to the local community to generate a profit.    

Rebecca, a member of staff at the home, said: ‘The volunteers have helped us a lot, as we were having a serious problem with baboons in this area.  Now we have a beautiful garden with vegetables that we can cook for the old people we take care of here.’

Meanwhile, the Grade Zero class at Monde Primary School have been hard at work too, in a lesson on shapes and colours.  The session began by establishing which of the colours the children were already able to identify, before using practical activities to teach them new ones. After that, the children were taught the names of different shapes.  These were shown in diffident colours to reinforce what they had just learned.  As a further learning resource - as well as being a bit of a treat - the children were given coloured balloons.  As usual the lesson ended with some time to let off steam outside before everyone settled back down again for story-time.

ALERT, through the ALERT Communities Trust (ACT), promotes community action in support of conservation by empowering local communities to protect and restore their environment and by improving livelihoods through social development programs such as these.  You can help ALERT to provide an education to local communities by sponsoring a school, or you may wish to join us as a Teaching in Africa intern, or as part of our community volunteer program


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