Healthcare Assistance in Zimbabwe
May 25 2016

Mkoba 4 Polyclinic, close to our Antelope Park project site in Gweru, delivers essential frontline services to a catchment area of 47,000 people, with just 36 staff.  Our project staff and volunteers provide assistance by undertaking routine tasks, such as counting pills, weighing babies, helping on home visits, cleaning, and recording basic medical information, thereby freeing the clinic’s specialised staff to concentrate on frontline healthcare. 

During the past three months, project volunteers have assisted in several departments within the clinic:

In the baby clinic, 419 babies were attended to.  Volunteers assist by weighing and measuring the babies to update their clinic cards.  This aids the nurses in monitoring the progress of babies to ensure that they are healthy and nourished.  Meanwhile, over in the maternity clinic, 106 mothers had their temperature, blood pressure and weight checked to help ensure that they were having a healthy pregnancy.

In the vaccinations department, volunteers assisted nurses with 28 babies that were vaccinated against polio and measles, and also given Vitamin A drops.  Vitamin A is vital for normal vision development and promotes the health of cells, tissues and organs

In the dispensary, just under 10,000 pills were counted and packaged for patients by volunteers.

Volunteers assisting in the observations department helped attend to 169 patients by recording their temperature, blood pressure and weight.  This assistance meant that patients could be seen to much sooner than they would be if they had to wait for a clinic nurse.

Volunteers also assisted during home visits.  These are conducted for patients who are not well enough to go to the clinic, and as a follow up with mothers who have delivered, as well as patients who are in need of extra assistance.  Several home visits were conducted over this quarter including; to twins who were orphaned when their mother died during childbirth, a number of HIV positive children, and a mother who had given birth but had absolutely nothing to care for her baby, not even a towel.  Donations in the form of clothes, food, feeding cups, and toys were handed out on these home visits.

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