It's never too early to learn
August 20 2014

Visiting the Mickey Mouse Pre-school in Gweru is a lively experience for Antelope Park community volunteers.  With children aged just three and four, there is never a dull moment and volunteers often find themselves having to think quickly on their feet to keep the youngsters active and entertained.  Proving a stimulating environment for children of this age is important to help them develop during this important period of cognitive growth, as well as prepare them for full-time education when they are older.  

Serena Roffo, an Antelope Park volunteer from the US, visited the school and found the children to be very enthusiastic towards learning: ‘At the Mickey Mouse Pre-School we started the day with a tour.  Granny was the most amazing person, I loved her!  In the classroom the children were eager to learn and follow instructions.  We sang songs and learned about animal names in English.  We played outside with the children as well.  Seeing how incredibly happy they all were was such an eye opening experience.  After play time we served them lunch and I was so impressed… they all waited for everyone to have their food before they started to eat.  I was shocked by this because at 3 and 4 years old, they understood they had to wait!  Being at this pre-school makes me want to come and teach in Africa.  It was an amazing experience I will never forget.’

You could join ALERT as a Teaching in Africa intern.  You would be working alongside staff at schools and orphanages in the areas around our program sites.  Wherever the facility is located, resources are stretched to the limit and each would benefit from your time and passion.  As class teachers in Africa simply do not have time to concentrate on small groups of children who are struggling, or to provide one-to-one learning support to those who need it most, teaching assistance is vitally important to ensure that every student has an equal chance to learn and work towards a brighter future.  An intern’s day is long, but at the end of each one, you can be sure that you have helped to make a real difference to the people you have met.  You can find out more details and how to apply for this and other ALERT internships here.


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