Life is a Circus
April 15 2016

In Livingstone, the focus of this past month’s basic life skills course aims at help the kids understand themselves better, what their strengths and weaknesses are, as well as discovering what they are able to achieve.

Included in the module was a lesson entitled “circus”.  The kids were split into equal sized groups and asked to come up with a team name.  The groups were then taught a variety of skills that they would practice over the whole month, such as building a human pyramid, juggling, magic tricks, rope skipping and high jump.  The principal aim of the activity was to have the students work together, and be able to evaluate their teams’ and their own personal progress towards a goal. 

The first session was quiet challenging because many kids had no prior experience of some of the activities, especially juggling.  

Life Skills

However, after quick progress was made the kids became encouraged to continue practicing their activity at home and at school, during break time.

Towards the end of the month the kids in most groups showed great improvement, especially those doing juggling and magic tricks.  Some kids even managed to come up with their own magic tricks to perform.

Life Skills

About Kids Club

Kids Club is our opportunity to implement our Basic Life Skills Course.  The aim of the course is to assist children and adolescents to gain essential skills needed to operate effectively in society in an active and constructive way.  Topics in the course include; self-esteem, coping with stress, effective communication, decision making, problem solving and non-violent conflict resolution.  The course has been developed by David Brackstone of John Taylor High School, UK using a programme in use at that school and adapted for use in our schools in Africa.

About ALERT Education Centres (AEC)

Basic Life Skills courses are one aspect of the work of our ALERT Education Centres.  The AEC operations at Livingstone (Zambia), Victoria Falls and Antelope Park (Zimbabwe) are all aimed at supporting the formal education system by offering extra-curricular activities to enhance student learning, and assisting with access to education for vulnerable students.  Current programs include the provision of classes in conservation education, basic life skills, and English literacy.  In addition, we provide funding to pay the fees of vulnerable students to take part in education from pre-school to university level, and fully funded internship and facilitated research placements for university level students.  Future programmes will incorporate classes in numeracy, health & nutrition, physical education and business studies/entrepreneurship, as well as a variety of vocational training.  The AEC is operated in association with Coventry University (UK), Midlands State University (Zimbabwe) and Copperbelt University (Zambia), and with the assistance of David Brackstone of John Taylor High School (UK).   The first AEC, at Antelope Park, was opened in 2012 by the then Zimbabwe Minister of Education, Mr. David Coltart.

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