News from Livingstone
June 9 2014

Lion Encounter community volunteers had a very enjoyable visit to the Ebenezer Orphanage in Livingstone recently, where they were given a tour and had the chance to learn more about the Orphanage’s work for children in need.

There are currently 40 children living at the Orphanage in four different houses: one each for boys and girls aged six to 18, one for toddlers aged two to five and a final house for babies up to the age of two.  Each house has at least one house ‘mother’ who takes care of the children; cooking meals and cleaning the living quarters, along with the important role of acting as a parental figure. 

The children were very happy to get to know their visitors and spent the time playing together outside in the Orphanage’s play area.  During their visit, the volunteers also handed over several bags of donated items; mainly clothes and baby bottles, which were gratefully received by Orphanage staff.

It was a great day for everyone involved and no doubt another visit will follow soon.

The students of Mukamusaba Conservation Club have also been having good times.

Because so many children want to join the Club, the students have now been divided into two groups.  Existing students are continuing to learn about soil, while the newest members have started from the beginning of the syllabus. 

In the first session, the children learned how to classify living things.  The lesson was led by community intern Liana, with support from Lion Encounter staff member Mwiya.  Straightaway, the students were engaged and it was encouraging to see how quickly they picked up on the material they were being taught.  They particularly enjoyed learning a catchy acronym to help them remember the seven main taxonomic ranks: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. ‘Keep Ponds Clean Or Frogs Get Sick’.  That should be helpful on their first test!

Meanwhile a lesson on soil salinity was delivered to the other group by community intern Shelby and volunteer Fabiana.  Both classes went well and the children - and their teachers - are looking forward to next week’s lessons.


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