Ngamo Update - I am sure that I forgot something
December 19 2014

On the afternoon of the 6th of December, the pride was resting in one of their favoured spots in the Ngamo Release Site, the Masai Mara. The wind had begun to pick up and it soon became quite blustery in Ngamo. It was not long before the scent of a carcass hidden in The Valley was detected and the lions began to pace in interest. Kwali was the first to follow her nose and she led the group off through Serengeti West, salivating at the expectation of a meal up ahead. The pride discovered the carcass by the early evening and they all eagerly began to tuck in. Nala and Kwali, two of the lower ranking females, were waiting in the wings to feed but it wasn’t long before Kwali managed to gain a leg and she darted away with it to feed away from the frenzy. AS5 also managed to gain himself a substantial piece and he pulled at the head of the carcass until it was free for him to drag it away, he then disappeared out of view to enjoy his meal in peace.

Over the course of the following few days, the pride continued to spend their time coming and going out of sight amongst The Valley’s mopane trees. This made it difficult for the team to gauge their activity. By the evening of the 8th December, once the carcass had been completely devoured, they all began to move away from the area. The research team slowly followed behind them when suddenly chaos arose and the lions burst into a sprint towards a thicket. As growls and snarls boomed out of the thicket the team hurriedly tried to get a visual of what was causing all the fuss. One by one the females had been cast out and Milo remained in the thicket clutching at the head of the carcass which had last been seen in the possession of AS5! Could it be that AS5 had dragged it there and forgotten about it? A recent update from Ngamo has indicated AS5’s habit of seizing food and taking it away, a trait he has obviously learnt from Milo. The team suspected that this was another one of these incidents. However, whilst this is a promising indicator that AS5 is a dominant male in the making, the possibility that he had forgotten about it would also suggest his desire to remain in the company of the females and follow their movements is stronger than that of remaining alone with food - for now anyway!

By the afternoon of the 11th December, a threatening storm had finally arrived and the downpour began. The pride had begun their day in Amboseli but the thunder claps and rain had sparked movement from the lions and they were eventually found in Treetops. At first, the lions were found huddled together, the females braving the elements while the males in the pride took shelter under the cover of shrubs. A short while later, they were up on their paws and travelled through Tree Tops. Whilst they moved, the pride were full of energy and engaging in play. AS4 had so much energy that she couldn’t resist bounding up a huge acacia tree, nicknamed ‘Leopard Tree’ and she watched from above as her mother and brother chased each other through the grass.


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