Sleeping beauties become playful sprites
July 4 2013

The afternoon of the 28th of June saw a peaceful Ngamo pride resting in a patch of long grass in the Camp area. Nala and KE3 were belly up, legs intertwined and fast asleep. Nearby, AS4 and AS5 rested wrapped up in one another's limb's, despite every adjustment by AS5 that squashed his sister’s face beneath his ever growing front paws.

AS5 and AS4 sleep wrapped up in each other's arms

AS5 then proceeded to roll over and onto an unsuspecting KE4 who was snoozing near by. This rude awakening prompted the young female to move off to join her sister and Nala in the long grass. AS4 has also had enough of her brother’s continual fidgeting; she too decided to move off and into the long grass. Untroubled by this desertion, he made himself comfortable and dozed off again.

As the sun slowly descended below the horizon, Nala stretched herself out and emerged from the cover of the long grass. Soon, one by one, the rest of the lionesses emerged and made their way into neighbouring Etosha and eventually into Kruger, investigating any interesting smells on the way. The boys, Milo and AS5, took their time to follow suit and the research team eventually saw them catch up with the pride in the Tree Tops area. As darkness fell over the Ngamo release site they all settled down around waterhole 3.

The misty morning of the 29th found Nala and Milo enjoying some alone time in the Amboseli area of the release site, catching the first few rays of the sun breaking through. The rest of the pride was located in the Hwange area with the K cubs scrambling through the thicket and chasing each other around an ant hill where AS4 looked on as the playful pair ran circles around her.

AS4 and KE4 climb a tree

As the morning began to warm up, Ashanti and Phyre moved off onto Route 66 and into the Kruger area. KE3 found a tree to climb, swiftly followed by AS4. They moved higher into the upper branches, swatting at each other playfully.  When KE4 realised she was perilously close to the tip of the branch and that the pride was no longer in sight, she wisely started the climb down, leaping to the ground to avoid AS4 who was blocking her path.  AS4 made a more stately descent slowly edging her way down the trunk. They caught up with the rest of the pride under an invitingly shady tree, just in time for a nap. 


Narnia (pictured here with Milo some months back) is making steady progress.  She is able to move her left leg fairly well now, and has been able to put some weight on it.  She is also able to move her tail and defecate voluntarily, but still has very limited movement in her right leg.  Our vet has advised us that a pattern of improvement on one side before the other improves is common in cases of a prolapsed disc and is happy at this stage with her progress.  

Narnia & Milo

And finally... dominant pride member Phyre celebrates her 8th birthday today.  



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