The Chase
November 30 2014

Ngamo pride

On the 20th   a carcass providing opportunity for the lions to scavenge was placed in Ngamo, hidden in a shaded area in Tree Tops.  The pride had spent the majority of their day resting in Etosha but by early evening they had moved and taken rest near Waterhole 3, completely unaware of the hidden carcass.   Just as the research team made the last of their notes for the day the lions must have picked up a scent and the pride began a breath-taking parade along the track closing in on their meal.  As they arrived all was still and the sound of the cats moving through the grass was all that could be heard.  Suddenly they caught sight and in a flash they descended upon the carcass changing the atmosphere from one of calm to chaos. 

The pride feeding

The next day it was of no surprise for the team to find 11 large-bellied lions all contently sleeping off the previous days feast near Waterhole 3.  Milo, as ever, was still resting beside the remains, keeping an eye out for any returning pride member who may attempt to gain seconds.  In fact he was still holding possession of the carcass on the 22nd too and as Phyre, Ashanti, Kenge, Nala, Kwali, KE4, AS4 and AS5 rested nearby, AT1 and KE3 were found together in Camp.  The pair spent the day there together while the rest of pride remained in Treetops. 

By the afternoon KE3 and AT1 were still resting in Camp whilst AS5 and the females were located walking along the boundary road, travelling towards AT1 and KE3.  The team continued on to gain a position point for Milo and then made a plan to return to the rest of the pride.  As they drove back along the boundary to catch up with the lions they were met by KE3 trotting towards them.  As she passed the research vehicle she began to walk, pausing to look behind her frequently.  This was quite unusual behaviour as lions do not tend to move quickly without reason, and the reason soon became apparent.  Following a few hundred metres behind her was AS5.  The team were eager to observe the proceedings and stayed with KE3 as she eventually came to a standstill in Tree Tops, remaining vigilant. 



A few moments later AS5 came into view and upon seeing him KE3 immediately ran way.  He swiftly gave chase and after a pursuit of a few hundred metres KE3 managed to evade AS5 and he wandered back towards Milo and took to rest close by him. 

The team headed off to find the rest of the pride and discovered them all lazing about at Waterhole 2.  A short while later KE3 arrived.  She was understandably wary, and after she had greeted Nala with a head rub she sat down to rest, remaining unsettled.

The next day, 23rd, the research team were reassured to find that harmony had returned to Ngamo and the friction between AS5 and KE3 had completely settled down; so much so that KE3 and AS5 were in fact resting beside each other among the rest of their pride as a new day began.  


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