The Pride Adjust to Changing Conditions
November 27 2014

On the morning of the 15th of November the research team spotted the pride wandering through the area of the site known as Masai Mara, close to the team's intended entry gate.  By the time the team were safely in the site via an alternative entrance the lions had taken rest in Amboseli.  As the morning got underway the team noticed that Milo was hanging around Phyre very closely indeed.  So much so that every time Phyre would rise, Milo also quickly rose and followed her, scraping the ground and scent marking shrubs as he went.  At first Phyre seemed indifferent to Milo’s behaviour, suspected to most likely be due to affirmation of dominance rather than that of a sexual interest; but by the afternoon Phyre seemed to be losing patience with Milo and she reprimanded him, possibly in the hope that he would leave her be.  Thankfully Milo’s attention was short lived and by the following day he had given the alpha female her space once again and she rested peacefully among the females. 

Around midday on the 17th the pride was up and about, travelling through Camp and into Etosha, leaping on one another playing as they went.  By the evening Kwali rose and led the way as the pride prowled through Etosha looking for prey.   It is unusual to see Kwali begin such a movement and have the rest of the pride follow her since lower ranking females are often paid little attention in their comings and goings to the group.  However there was no change to who lagged a little behind as AS4 and AS5 strolled along together, stopping occasionally to survey their territory for impala.   

AS4 & AS5

As we mentioned recently, the rains have begun to make an appearance bringing with them grey overcast skies and cool temperatures.   At first the lions seemed to welcome the break from the scorching hot sun but by the 18th the dull weather had settled in and the lions, instead of stretching out and enjoying the brisk air, had turned to huddling together to keep each other warm in the cold drizzly rain. 

Kwali huddles with the pride

Kwali huddled with pride

By the afternoon the pride was on the move once again, following the scent of impala in the Tree Tops area.  Unfortunately, as they marched along Route 66, the impala caught wind of the lions and they quickly moved away out of sight.

Pride march through Tree Tops


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