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December 6 2013

Children from the Mickey Mouse Pre-school in Gweru were recently treated to exciting day, as they took part in a special ceremony to celebrate their graduation . 

Throughout the year, community volunteers have been supporting the children at the Pre-school.  This graduation ceremony was evidence that their assistance is greatly appreciated and, combined with the hard work of school staff, has helped to prepare the children for their next stage of education.

Parents and community volunteers took pride in watching these very young children graduate from the early stages of education, as they cheered them on, clapping excitedly with big smiles.  Among the graduates were Pristine and Rebecca, daughters of Question Ndou the Director of Midlands Children’s Hope Centre, along with Daniel, one of the boys from the orphanage.  They proudly donned their caps and gowns to receive their certificates along with the other children.

Part of the graduation ceremony included the children entertaining their audience by reading poems, singing and dancing.  The Director of the Mickey Mouse Pre-school  then gave a touching speech about the great work that community volunteers do to help shape the children's lives in Zimbabwe.  Towards the end of the ceremony, the volunteers were asked to join a dance group in their performance.  As always, they took part with happy faces and ended up dancing on the stage together with the children. 

Antelope Park would like to say a big thank you to its volunteers for being a part of the special memories that were created that day for the graduating children of the Mickey Mouse Pre-school.

Meanwhile, it's all go at Midlands Children's Hope Centre (MCHC) with further progress being made at the new orphanage site. 

A donation from local supporters has enabled the completion of on-going plumbing work.  Two water taps have now been connected for use on the newly-planted vegetable gardens and for the chickens.  A 5,000 litre water tank has been put in place and a 5.5 horse power water pump has been purchased which will pump water from the reservoir tank.  The electricity transformer has also been installed by the local electricity supplier.  All that is left to do now is to connect the new site to the supply line.  Through additional generous sponsorship, the cold room refrigeration has now been fixed.  The next step is to convert it into a freezer to allow the storage of chickens prior to sale.  Approximately half of the second batch of chickens has now been sold to the local community, creating much-needed income for the orphanage.

MCHC Director Question Ndou commented: ‘We are all excited about these developments and the progress that is being made at the new orphanage site.’

The children and staff from MCHC also enjoyed an early Christmas celebration recently as they attended the Midlands Christian College Christmas party.  It was such a treat for the orphans and brought the biggest smiles to their faces.

A busy end to an exciting year for the Midlands Children’s Hope Centre!

If you would like to help fund the building of the new orphanage, you can make a donation here.  Please state that you are supporting the MCHC.


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