The latest news from Chinotimba Pre-School
June 6 2016

With the school holidays over, ALERT’s ongoing teaching assistance programme at Chinotimba Pre-School resumed in May.  Our aim at this project is to ensure the learners at the pre-school, located in the Chinotimba township just outside Victoria Falls, are prepared for Primary School through adequate early childhood development.  This is achieved through assisting the teachers with materials and lessons in the classroom, and we also have plans developing to enhance the school’s infrastructure.

To begin with, lessons were planned to review the colours and numbers the learners had practiced so well during Term One.  We also arrived one day in May with a very special addition to the school’s playground!

Last week, a lesson was planned that taught the children through a colouring activity.  The lesson not only enhanced their colour recognition, but helped to continue to develop their fine motor skills and concentration. For this lesson, students were split into groups of four or five, each with a staff member or volunteer from our partners at Lion Encounter, who would lead them through the sheet placed before them.  The learners had to correctly identify a colour, and then had fun using that colour for a small “arts and crafts” activity to enhance their understanding.

As a way to tie together a few of ALERT’s main goals, a small garden project has also been developed at Chinotimba Pre-School.  Made from recycled tyres with seedlings donated from our partners at Lion Encounter and African Impact, the children at the school now have the responsibility of planting, watering and tending to various crops on the school’s grounds.  We look forward to continuing to teach the small learners about the importance of growing food at home, while giving them the added responsibility of caring for a tyre filled with produce.

Colours, numbers, literacy and shapes will continue to be an integral part of future lesson plans for Term Two, with months and body parts beginning to make their way into lessons in the coming weeks.  We look forward to watching the learners flourish with their new lessons - and garden - and will continue with regular updates from Chinotimba Pre-School.

About Chinotimba Pre-School

Chinotimba Pre-School caters to 49 students aged between two and six years old; many of these children are orphans or come from single-parent families, and often do not have the ability to pay school fees.  Despite the financial need of the school, the Principal Mrs. Nyathi and her two staff members have made the decision to waiver the costs for children and allow them to attend school.

About Our School Development Projects

Our aim is to increase the capacity of the schools with which we work to offer higher learning possibilities for their pupils.  All the schools surrounding our project sites are severely resource limited with classes that are over-crowded and lacking educational materials.  Our projects therefore focus on: school building and refurbishment to create improved learning environments; resource provision of educational materials needed to enhance lessons, and teacher assistance to help teachers plan and run lessons more effectively.  All programmes are operated in agreement with the school in question, and with approval from relevant educational boards.

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