This is how to make a difference!
April 7 2015

This is how to make a difference! 

Yana, our intern from Belgium, is interning in Vic Falls for 12 weeks. She’s been with Monde Primary School since February, utilising occupational therapy studies to establish a Special Needs Class to support children with learning difficulties, hearing problems and visual impairment. She also offers practical therapies to help the children that could be embraced by staff long after she has left. The special needs class initiative which Yana is responsible for, has shown to be extremely fruitful; most of the children having recently been placed back in to mainstream schooling.

Recently, Yana came up with a great idea to spoil the children in her class by taking them on an incredible outing to see 'the smoke that thunders' - the mighty Victoria Falls.   

The journey to Victoria Falls was a humbling experience; the excitement and eager anticipation of the children was enthralling. They sang wholeheartedly and peered enthusiastically out the windows, taking in the different sceneries along the route. For most of the children, it was their first time going to see the magnificent Victoria Falls. We felt privileged to be able to make this experience a reality for them as well as to share in it with them.  

Upon arrival, we received an introduction talk from Norman who was our guide for the day. He shared with us the history of the Victoria Falls as well as a background to the ecosystems that comprise the World Heritage site, the Victoria Falls itself, the Rainforest and Zambezi River. The children learnt a lot about their nation's heritage and the world around them as they stared in awe at the incredible setting surrounding them. We visited the main look out points and then as the tour neared its end, we were met by a group of dancers and you can guess what happened next; the children immediately engaged in the opportunity to showcase their dancing skills and put to the test their vocals.

Following a full exertion of all energy, we weren’t quite done just yet and decided that a visit to The Big Tree should be next up on our agenda. On our way, we came across a herd of elephants! The children’s eyes were wide with excitement! They had also seen a kudu and warthog during the falls tour so today had been full of treats. And to end it, we thought that doughnuts were in order!

It was an incredible day overall; not only did the children have a valuable educational experience, but an adventure enjoying the treasures of their homeland - the mighty Victoria Falls as well as many different animals which they had only previously read about and only ever seen in photographs. 

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