True Conservation Heros
June 10 2014

The Bumi Hills Anti-poaching Unit (BHAPU) team has successfully apprehended a poacher who was found with a substantial haul of illegally-caught fish.

Having come across a recently abandoned camp at one of a chain of islands on Lake Kariba, the anti-poaching scouts proceeded to search neighbouring islands for other signs of trespass.  Eventually, they located two individuals on Partridge Island, which has long been the home of Zambian fish poachers.  The scouts were able to get quite close without being detected, but as soon as their uniforms were spotted, the poachers began trying unsuccessfully to sink their boat before making their escape.  They were chased through a gully and over boulders and eventually the scouts were able to apprehend one.  Once he was safely secured, further attempts were made to locate the other poacher without success.  While the Unit was disappointed to lose this individual, the scouts found out later that they had apprehended the ‘mastermind’ behind the whole poaching operation.  He admitted to having been moving from island to island for some time, poaching over 25 kilograms of fish every single night.  

The poachers had approximately 22 kilograms of fresh fish and around 40 kilograms of dried/smoked fish on them when they were discovered, plus a wooden banana boat and three kilometres of twin net.  Not only do these nets trap hundreds of fish all ages - destroying the natural breeding cycle - but they also maim and kill bird species and mammals; including elephants, hippo, crocodile who get caught up in the nylon mesh.

This success story confirms the need for constant vigilance when tackling poaching.  The BHAPU is very proud of its rangers and is grateful for their unwavering commitment to protecting wildlife.

The poacher with his nets and sun-dried fish

The poachers' banana boat; unregistered and unsafe to use

Meanwhile, scouts from the Victoria Falls Anti-poaching Unit (VFAPU) recently attended a reward ceremony for the National Parks and Wildlife Authority Rangers to recognise their success in combating poachers.

With the Head of Law Enforcement at a Zambian wildlife park shot and killed by poachers last month, these men and women are literally risking their lives to protect Africa's precious wildlife.  Please show your support and sponsor an anti-poaching scout from BHAPU or VFAPU today. Your donation will help to employ, train and equip qualified rangers to help protect wildlife.

Proud to serve the Victoria Falls Anti-poaching Unit

VFAPU scouts with an elephant friend


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