Water for the Victoria Falls Old People’s Home
February 11 2016

The Victoria Falls Old People’s Home, located in the township of Chinotimba on the outskirts of the main town, is home to 12 elderly residents whose families are unable to care for their needs.  ALERT has been undertaking refurbishments at the home; a building project which is run alongside a weekly support programme facilitated by our partners at African Impact and Lion Encounter.

Last year, we were able to complete refurbishing the Home’s roofs, thanks to a generous donation from the Landsburg Foundation.  After receiving another donation, this time from Loretta Daniels, a former African Impact volunteer, and her grandparents, we were able to continue upgrading the facility with exterior plastering.

More recently, through a partnership with Operation Starfish Africa, we have facilitated the donation and installation of a 5,000 litre water tank.  The Chinotimba township is plagued with power outages that result in the shutdown of the area’s waterworks, and as a result, the water tank was at the top of the Home’s list of priorities.  Without water during these disruptions in electricity supply, the carers are unable to clean, cook, or water their garden (which provides a place of relaxation, but more importantly grows food for the residents), whilst residents are unable to bathe, drink, or use the latrine.

The tank was delivered after weeks of anticipation leading up to the event.  An iron structure to hold the tank was sourced which then needed to be painted, the cement needed to set, and fittings made for the top of the structure.  The tank was hoisted on to the stand and finally completed as the town plumber fitted the piping on the 1st of February.

Lion Encounter Project Coordinator Megan Conn put some finishing touches to the outside of the water tank, adorning it with the logos of the three organisations that helped make the water tank a reality for the Victoria Falls Old People’s Home.

About this project 

ALERT has an on-going community care project devoted to refurbishing the Victoria Falls Old People’s Home and improving the lives of the centre’s two employees and 12 residents.  A current lack of support, funding and infrastructure makes adequate care difficult without the help of outside donors.  As a result, it is ALERT’s aim to assist the Old People’s Home by encouraging donors to help provide an environment that is safe and agreeable for the residents and those in need of care in the future.

Taking delivery of the water tank

The water tank in place

The finshing touches are made


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