What a year it has been
January 8 2014

A special anniversary was celebrated in Gweru last month, as the ALERT Education Centre (AEC) reached its first birthday. 

The AEC is the first educational facility of its kind in Zimbabwe and represents a meaningful link between ALERT and the local Gweru community.  Offering a Conservation Education curriculum, a vital component of any conservation project, the Centre aims to enable local communities to appreciate the ecological, social, economic and cultural benefits of protecting and preserving wildlife and habitats.  Unless the people of Africa want to conserve lions, by benefitting from their presence, the species will continue to decline until they are all gone. 

Since December 2012, Africa’s liveliest classroom - with its eye-catching murals - has become a regular feature in ALERT’s news articles, as class after class graduate from the Centre with a new-found desire to conserve Africa’s wildlife and habitats for themselves and future generations.  In all, 296 students have passed through the classroom doors, completing six modules over 16 to 18 lessons and all proudly graduating as ALERT ‘Conservation Stars’.  This has been a remarkable achievement for all involved.  

Staben Porovha, the AEC teacher, was proud to be in attendance at the anniversary celebrations: The ALERT Education Centre opened its doors to its pioneer students.  The children from the Midlands Children’s Hope Centre, the first to be taught at the Centre, came in for celebrations to mark its anniversary.  As part of these celebrations, the class discussed parts of the conservation curriculum, shared what they had learnt, areas of interest and how their lives were impacted by the learning.’ 

A huge amount of gratitude goes to all our donors, sponsors, volunteers, the teacher and the team behind-the-scenes who have contributed to the success of the ALERT Education Centre so far.  The AEC is run entirely on donations and is in URGENT need of funding to allow it to open its doors once again next week as schools return after the Christmas holiday.  WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Without funding, we simply cannot continue to offer this important service to the children of Gweru in 2014.

If you are able to make a contribution, however small, please visit our donations page and state that your gift is to be used to fund the AEC. Thank you sincerely for your support.



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