A bad week to be a wildebeest
April 6 2012

It’s not been a great week for the wildebeest of Ngamo.  On the 1st we found some lionesses with extended bellies living it up in the sun by water hole 2 but there was no sign of Milo. We spotted some skittish zebra in the Camp area suggesting perhaps a chase had occurred and followed tracks into Maasai Mara. There was still no sign of a kill so our research team took a chance down Mara Cross Route into Serengeti East where the wildebeest often venture. Sure enough our researcher spotted the inevitable; flattened, blood spewed grass and strewn dung - something had definitely met its maker!

Binoculars were quickly drawn and a mere 30m away Milo was spotted panting heavily yet contentedly over an adult wildebeest kill. A large portion had already been consumed suggesting the kill took place early that morning. After having his fill Milo rose to his paws and sniffed the air. It appeared Sir was hoping to quench his thirst but with no one around to keep a watchful eye over his meat he was in quite a predicament. Milo let out a soft, feeble call for his ladies but was only answered by the wind. So with no lionesses around and his thirst growing Milo did what he knew best, he began to eat more.

By the afternoon there was still no sign of the rest of the pride coming to take over guard duty.  Suddenly though, emerging through the grass was little KE3!  She cautiously approached her father, now used to his fiery temper and began to feed. Despite her inadequate size and defense abilities Milo decided a small lion was better than no lion and left KE3 in charge of the kill as he went off to drink. Shortly after his departure though, Ashanti, Kenge and the rest of the smaller Ngamo lions joined KE3 at the kill.



On the 4th we discovered the pride on yet another wildebeest kill, this time in the Tree Tops area. Again a vast amount had already been consumed and the lower ranking females, Nala and Narnia, were now being permitted a chance to feed on the remaining head and spine. AS4 elbowed her way between the two lionesses for some chow time but froze when dad began to approach. Narnia bolted out of his way with a large flap of wildebeest skin in her jaws. For some reason this particular flap of manky skin was just what Milo wanted and he proceeded to chase Narnia, forcing her to drop it. After sniffing at the discarded skin Milo decided it would be much more fun to bully Narnia further and snuck up upon the now grooming lioness. He pounced upon her from the mopane bushes in a surprisingly playful manner.  Understandably poor Narnia was hardly used to Milo’s playful side and instantly rolled onto her back in a defensive manner crying out for mercy.

Nala, AS4 & Milo

Nala, AS4 & Milo


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