A birthday bash ... or three
November 12 2012

The past couple of weeks in Ngamo have been ones of revelry for the research team with the pride having not one but three birthdays to celebrate. 

The first of these celebrations was on the 31st of October as the oldest females in the pride, Kenge and Kwali, celebrated their 8th birthday.  Their day began with the girls and the cubs resting together in the long grasslands of Serengeti  West.  As the temperatures were somewhat cooler than those of recent days the pride took sensible shelter from the gusty winds inside a thicket.  It was there that they spent  most of the day, only to make an occasional appearance to stretch their legs before going back into the thicket.  Meanwhile Milo spent the day resting alone in Etosha, obviously taking some time out for himself.

Celebration number two was to be probably the most significant of all as Ashanti’s two beautiful cubs, AS4 and AS5, turned one year old on the 4th of November.  

AS4 & AS5

AS4 & AS5

As the sun began to rise the pride were located eagerly sharing breakfast over a carcass from the previous evening.   AS4 and AS5 were nowhere to be seen as our research team first arrived and mum Ashanti also appeared to wonder where the birthday duo where as she took a rest from eating to call softly for them to come and join the pride.  By mid-morning the young prince of Ngamo and his cheeky sister emerged and, after a burst of excited head rubs and greetings, they spent their day in true birthday style by overindulging and filling their small bellies until they looked fit to burst.       

Kenge & Ashanti

Kenge & Ashanti

The third Ngamo birthday was also among the ‘A’ family with Ashanti celebrating her 8th birthday on the 8th.  The day started with fun and games as the birthday girl and her pride members were nowhere to be found for the first part of the morning, drawing our research team into a game of hide and seek.  The elusive lions were eventually found in The Valley and, just as Kenge and Kwali had spent their special day, the pride lazed about in the shade of the trees as another lovely day in Ngamo came and went. 

AS4, AS5, KE3, Ashanti & Kenge

AS4 AS5 KE3 Ashanti & Kenge


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