A little support goes a long way
March 19 2013

Many thanks to ALERT supporter Siobhan Adeusi who, through the generosity of Queen’s Park Rangers Football Club, has brought a smile to the faces of boys from the Midlands Children’s Hope Centre in Gweru.

Having volunteered at Antelope Park, Siobhan approached Andy Evans, Chief Executive Officer of QPR’s Community Trust, to request items she could send out to the children she had met during her stay.  Andy had seen first-hand how hard life can be during a visit to the West African country of Burkino Faso and appreciated how the power of ‘footy’ can lift the spirits of children whose lives aren’t as carefree as they should be.  The club kindly donated many items, including 12 football shirts which are now being proudly worn by the boys.

At ALERT, we always knew that cakes were good for you!  Now they are good for our lions too.

A recent Bake Sale held at Plymouth University has raised over £100 for ALERT.  The event, organised through the University’s Zoological Society, was given an Easter theme with biscuits shaped like bunnies and chicks and Cornflake cakes and muffins topped off with chocolate eggs.  Not forgetting the reason for wanting to raise money, there were also gingerbread lions and elephants to add a little touch of Africa too.

Jo Briffitt, the Society’s Events Coordinator who suggested the sale, recruited members to bake over 100 cakes and biscuits after telling them all about ALERT.  She is currently studying Conservation Biology and hopes to work in Africa once she graduates.  She said: ‘After telling our members all about the fantastic work that ALERT is doing, many of them were eager to help and have worked hard to make the event a big success.’  

Once the baking was done, it was down to fellow students and staff to indulge their sweet tooth – all in a good cause, of course.  In total £116.11 was raised, along with important awareness of ALERT’s work.  

Many thanks to Jo and the members of the Zoological Society for their efforts, from everyone here at ALERT.  

If you would like to organise a fundraising event on ALERT’s behalf, or are able to donate items to one of our community programs, we would be very grateful.  Please contact Helen Rennie for assistance: helen@lionalert.org.  


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