A reluctant stay at home dad
March 28 2013

Milo takes a stroll

Milo takes a stroll

The bright morning of the 25th saw Milo taking a stroll in the “Masai Mara” area of the Ngamo release site. All the adult females as well as AT1 seemed to be playing hide and seek and were nowhere to be seen. This stroll was his first attempt to escape baby sitting duties.  His efforts failed however as AS4, AS5, KE3 and KE4 kept on following him wherever he would go.  Each time Milo stopped to rest the youngsters would catch up causing him to rise and continue on, the cubs padding along behind.


The research team however were following Milo hoping he would lead them to the rest of the pride.   It has been 4 days since the pride has made a kill so the girls might have left Milo and the cubs behind for fear of being slowed down during the hunt.

Milo continued marching, and once he got a bit of distance between him and the cubs he ducked into the tall reeds around waterhole one.  It didn`t take long however for AS4, AS5, KE3 and KE4 to once again catch up with him and identify is hiding hole.  If nothing else, the cubs' tracking skills were being developed by this game of cat and...er, cat.  Yet again, Milo rose and this time started heading south.

During this next long trek KE4 seemed keen on a bit of play, a gesture which resulted in Milo getting a few kisses from her. Milo seemed not to fancy anything more than just a quick greeting, but KE4 was so determined that Milo had no choice but to stop for a moment and acknowledge the affection of his daughter.

Milo gets a kiss from KE4

Milo & KE4

Milo eventually escaped all this attention and walked away in yet another attempt to shake off day care duties.  As the sun rose higher, Milo must have realised that his efforts would come to nought.  He slowed, allowing the cubs to catch up, and then led them to a shady spot in the "Serengeti East" area where he and his four youngest cubs spent the rest of the day together.  

The three young girls spent most of the day close together, whilst Milo and AS5 spent most of the day sat on their own, each apart from the others.  Who knows what was on AS5's mind, but it is clear that this growing lad is gaining more and more behaviours typical of a male lion.

There was no sign of the older females of the pride throughout the day. 

Milo and his youngest cubs reluctantly spend the day together.

Milo and the cubs


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