All Play for the Children at Mkoba Promary
February 13 2015

Primary school is such a great time in childhood.  With all the learning and grasping of concepts that becomes a part of daily life at that age, sport is also an important component to balance out a child.  With the sporting side of the curriculum dwindling, we have made significant effort to keep it alive and introduce more sport where possible.  Not only is sport important for the health of the body, but it also teaches the children discipline and respect for themselves and particularly others, which all contributes to raise well-rounded children.  After all, you know what they say about “all work and no play”.

 At Mkoba 4 primary, the only sports that they play are soccer for boys and netball for girls. To change this, of our volunteers, Chris, has decided to put his great passion for rugby to use. It is a sport he has grown up playing and he has brought his passion with him to Zimbabwe to share with the children of Mkoba 4 Primary. This is what Chris had to say about introducing Rugby into the school:

“After talking with the Headmaster of Mkoba 4 Primary about setting up a rugby club, we offered to clear up their playing field.  Antelope Park sent a tractor to mow the overgrown grass and the improvement is significant already! Lots more work to come.”

Chris Hughff, England, Orphans and Teaching Project

In addition to the developments with weekly sporting activities, some fun was had at Mkoba Primary this past Friday (6 February 2015) – it was Sports Day!  Athletics is the focal sport in all schools during the first term of the school year.  All schools have an athletics day, not only to have a fun day of sports and kids showing their talents, but it is also a chance for the school to pick their team to compete in other events against other schools.  The volunteers were all pumped up and excited for the day.  They broke up into 3 teams all with four participants – the red team, the blue team and the yellow team.  Each team got together and painted their faces ready for the event.  The volunteers truly made a difference by attending and cheering the children on.  They played such an important role by supporting the children as they participated in their different events.  It really is special to give encouragement, especially to a child.  Well done to the children and a big thank you to our ‘cheerleaders’! Here is what the volunteers had to say about the sports day:

 “We have been at Mkoba 4 Primary School where they had a sports day.  Our role has been to cheer at the participants.  We also danced with the kids while they sang.  It was a fun day filled with laughter and singing.”

Lisa Danielsen, Norway, Teaching and Lions Combo Project

 “Today was my first day at this community project, and it was really fun!  When we arrived, the kids was screaming because they were so happy to see us.  It was sports day today so we were cheering on the kids who were running.  It was a really good day for me, and I’m looking forward to the next time!”

Astrid Flisram, Norway, Teaching and Lions Combo Project

 “This was my first day at community, and it was a good start.  When we came to the school the kids were so excited and were waving and laughing at us because we had our faces painted.  Today it was sports day, so everybody was so excited and happy!  We took pictures and the kids just danced and smiled.  I think it was good to see them off the streets and having so much fun.”

Martine Kvale, Norway, Teaching and Lions Combo Project

 “We were at the Mkoba Primary school when they had a sports day.  We were cheerleaders for the kids- it was really fun and I enjoyed very much.  We got to learn some awesome African dance moves.”

Lina Salte, Norway, Teaching and Lions Combo Project


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