An update from our community
May 16 2013

Volunteers enjoy spending time at the orphanage

Visiting the local orphanage is one of the highlights of a community volunteer’s time at Victoria Falls.  Being able to bring a smile to the children’s faces each time they visit gives as much pleasure to the volunteers as it does to the orphans; as does being involved in their learning. 

Recently, volunteers have been teaching the children of Victoria Falls orphanage the letters of the alphabet and names of colours. They have also been supporting them in reading story books.  The children are making tremendous progress, especially with their spoken English.  Having volunteers visit the orphanage has also triggered excitement within the local community.  Many youngsters from outside the home arrive there to take part in learning and to play with the volunteers too.

Extra lessons are on the timetable for Monde Primary students

Although pupils from Monde Primary School have recently been enjoying a break from lessons, that hasn’t stopped them attending school on Monday and Fridays.  An average 40 to 50 children from grades 4 to 6 have been taking extra classes in how to write compositions, poems and letters.  Grade 7 students have also been at school to focus on exam preparations.

It was discovered that most of the younger students still need more work on written English, particularly sentence construction.  To help with this, attention was paid to identifying unfamiliar words in stories and supporting the children in how to build sentences using this new vocabulary.

It wasn’t all work, work, work though.  At the end of each class, the children were encouraged to play games and have fun letting off some steam.  Learning to interact together during both work and play – particularly amongst different age groups – continues to have a positive impact on the behaviour and confidence of these children.

The older generation show volunteers how to have fun

They say that with age comes maturity and wisdom.  This is true, according to the community volunteers who have been spending their time with residents of Victoria Falls Old People’s Home.

Supporting an ALERT community project is as rewarding as it is helpful.  Volunteers have recently been enjoying fun visits to the Home, where they play music and dance with the residents, along with playing ball games and cards.  Work has also been started in the Home’s garden too, with volunteers helping to prepare and water the beds ready for planting seedlings.  Everyone enjoys the visits and the volunteers get to hear some interesting stories and learn from the experiences of an older generation.

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