Anyone fancy a dip?
September 4 2012

In the afternoon of the 2nd of September the Ngamo pride - minus Nala and Narnia – was enjoying the shade provided by the trees of the Hwange area of the site, close to Route 66. The pride was in a particularly social mood with plenty of greeting and playing taking place, mainly initiated by the cubs and cub-in-chief, AT1. Meanwhile the absent N sisters were tracked down to Kruger, enjoying some peace and quiet away from the pesky youngsters and their playful antics. But their solitude was soon disturbed by the arrival of Milo announcing his presence with a bellowing roar.

Milo approaches Nala and Narnia

Being lower ranking females both Nala and Narnia are slightly wary of their at times irritable leader and watched cautiously as he approached. Seemingly satisfied that today he was in one of his good moods Narnia slowly approached Milo, crouching lower to the ground as she reached him and ready to submit if necessary. But on this occasion Milo was happy enough to accept Narnia’s greeting, sending her in to an outrageously flirtatious mode flicking her tail in his face and rubbing her face all over him. Clearly this was too much for Milo to handle and with a quick snarl and upper lip curl he sauntered off and settled down a few metres away watching to ensure the girls didn’t follow.

On the morning of the 3rd AT1 was hunting solo, this time her target was slightly larger than her last attempt of impala, gleefully chasing two zebra that were hanging around waterhole two. Although unsuccessful, her increased interest and enthusiasm will no doubt stand her in good stead for the future.

KE3 and KE4 keep cool in the summer heat

With summer now beginning to get in to full swing, the team found that the cubs have discovered the perfect way to cool down on the 4th. Arriving at waterhole one, the cubs were happily bounding through the waterhole enjoying the cool sensation as the sun beat down. KE4 in particular seemed to be enjoying this newfound game, splashing the water all over her sister and dipping her head under to retrieve a stick that she had been chasing.

The play session soon incorporated Kenge as well but as her daughters tried to encourage her to chase them through the water, Kenge decided enough was enough and called her cubs to follow her in to Amboseli where they and the rest of the pride spent their time resting through the hottest part of the day.


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