AS4 creates a scuffle
May 9 2013

The morning of the 4th of May saw the research team discover Milo, surrounded by the cubs and Kenge, on a scavenge feed. Wild lions rely on scavenging from the kills of competitive species and the bodies of animals that have succumbed to old age or disease for a significant portion of their diet. In Ngamo, the pride are provided with occasional scavenge opportunities to simulate similar opportunities available to wild lions. The carcass is placed in the site, well away from the lions so they are not aware of its placing, and the pride must discover it by scent or by following scavenging vultures.

After Milo consistently pushed Kenge and the hungry cubs off of the carcass they called it quits and made their way through Masai Mara and into Amboseli, where sight of AT1 was lost. They joined up with Phyre and the other females slumbering in the early morning sun. Once they had settled, AT1 slowly made her way through the long grass calling to the others.

Breaking the silence of the still morning a loud roar resonated from the direction of Milo and his carcass. The sound sparked the pride's attention and, led by Ashanti, they made their way towards its origin. However, arriving at the site of the carcass the females and cubs found no sight of Milo and quickly descended onto the remains. Here, AS4’s true character showed itself, as she bullied her way to the best bits of flesh. After several scuffles Phyre, Kenge and the cubs settled down without further incident. The rest of the females resigned to a position some metres away, waiting for their turn at the dining table.

AS4, AS5, Phyre and Kenge

AS4, AS5, Phyre and Kenge

The afternoon of the 5th found the slumbering Ngamo pride in Amboseli. KE4, once woken from her nap, stretched and gazed at her pride surrounding her. After spotting her target, KE4 slowly crouched into a stalking position low to the ground.  She then ran and jumped on her sleeping sister, KE3. Now fully awake, KE3 playfully pinned her troublesome sister down, tenderly biting her ears. Her attention was suddenly drawn away. In the distance a small group of impala could be seen strolling through the thicket of Amboseli. After a couple of looks back to see who else had seen the herd, KE3 repositioned herself to get a better view. But the impala spotted the young cub and began the alarm calls. The breaking of the silence alerted the attention of mother Kenge and AT1 to their whereabouts. As the impala moved out of sight the lionesses lost interest and returned to their slumber. The peacefulness of the afternoon was returned once again to the Ngamo pride.  




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