AS4 is quite prepared to fight for her right.
August 22 2012

AS4 Feeding

AS4 Feeding

On the morning of the 20th our research team found the pride all together by waterhole one, finishing off the remains of their latest kill and washing it down with some water.

With so much feeding action over the past week it has given our researcher a fantastic opportunity to observe the interactions between the four youngest members of the pride when on a kill. Being a month younger than the K cubs and also slightly smaller than her brother, on paper it would suggest that AS4 might lose out when it comes to competing for her fair share of food. But what she lacks in size she sure makes up for in character, often snarling and swiping at the other cubs if they come too close to her when she is feeding. Poor AS5 was on the receiving end on a hefty clap around the face from his sister as he tried to position himself on to a meatier part of the carcass. He quickly skulked off whilst whining to tell mom all about his sister’s bullying.



By the following morning the pride had swapped waterholes and were now residing by waterhole two.  The pride were as fat as could be, with the cubs looking particularly round.

With full bellies the cubs, AT1 and Narnia were in a particularly playful mood, engaging in a game of chase around the waterhole before a session of rough and tumble ensued, which ended with the cubs covered in mud as they wrestled on the edge of the waterhole under the watchful eye of Ashanti.

AT1 chases AS4

AT1 chases AS4

Once the wrestling was over bird hunting was next on the agenda with both AT1 and AS5 playfully stalking the nearby crows and attempting to climb the trees in order to get to their target. Needless to say both were unsuccessful!

Exhausted from all the fun the cubs settled down with the rest of the pride and watched as Milo sauntered over to drink from the waterhole looking as regal as ever. Unable to resist his charms both Phyre and Kenge swiftly got up to greet their pride leader before settling down to sleep through the heat of the day.


By the afternoon on the 21st the scene was peaceful and serene with 12 sleeping lions by the waterhole. This was soon penetrated by a deep booming roar from Milo, and then again as the females joined in with the roaring chorus. Watching the adults curiously KE3 decided that it was time she started practising her roaring skills and gave her best squeaks alongside her mother.

Once the pride had announced their presence to the world they again passed out and spent the remainder of the afternoon sound asleep.


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