Bringing hope to the orphans of Mkoba
June 24 2012

The boy’s orphanage was first started in 1996 by a wonderful man named Question. When the orphanage first opened there were twenty-two boys who were aged 6-14 years old. The main rule for the boys was that they could stay as long as they remained under good behavior. Every boy in the orphanage has their own unique story of how they became involved with the orphanage. Most of the boy’s parents are dead which forced the boys into poverty, and their only option was to live in the streets alone. Those were 6 year old boys who were left to provide for themselves. Question had heard that there were boys living alone on the street, and he wanted to change that as best he could. He went out into the streets and he provided the boys with a meal, he taught them the disadvantages of living on the streets, and he provided them with a basic scripture lesson. In 1996 Question was able to open the orphanage for the boys to live at, instead of living in the streets.

About the boys:

One boy I would like to highlight is named Webster. Webster is now fourteen years old. When he first came to the orphanage in 2010 he was only 12 years old. His parents did not have the money to support him. Question took Webster into the orphanage at that point. When Webster first arrived he was very rude to everyone. He would mouth off to everyone, and he would bully the other boys. Behavior was not his only problem. Webster was not able to read or write very well. Since Webster has been at the orphanage the staff have said that his behavior has improved considerably. His manners were not the only thing to improve. Along with improving his manners he has also exponentially increased his abilities to read and write. Webster currently enjoys playing Soccer when he has free time, and he attends school every day.

Another boy is named Siphosenkosi which translates to "a gift from God". Siphosenkosi’s name most certainly fits him. When Siphosenkosi first arrived to the orphanage he was only 13 years old. He was not able to even count to ten. In 2009 he was placed in the special needs class. Siphosenkosi has truly been a miracle child. It is now only three years later and Siphosenkosi has moved from the special needs class to grade six. Before Siphosenkosi came to the orphanage he was living with his grandmother who would beat him. He was not receiving love from anyone in his life. Siphosenkosi was welcomed by loving arms into the orphanage. Siphosenkosi has now come to know the love of God as well. One of Siphosenkosi’s biggest achievements is that he has learned to read, and he enjoys reading stories from the Bible. Three years ago this same child could not count to ten and he felt completely abandoned by everyone in his life. Siphosenkosi has been his own example of the love and grace of God.


Today all nineteen boys attend school during the week. There are fourteen boys in primary school, and there are five boys in secondary school. The boys that are in secondary school are doing quite well, and some of the boys are about to take the exam to see if they qualify for the advanced level course. 

Major improvements to the orphanage recently:

The boys are now able to receive three meals a day due to donations. The boys used to have to go to school without any lunches, and they would have to sit and watch all of the other children eat. Now the orphanage makes bread and the boys are sent to school with juice and bread every day. The boys also attend “Church of God in Christ” every Sunday. At church they are taught how to love one another, they are taught the things that please God, and the things that displease God. All of the children have improved their behavior since they first arrived. A more recent improvement is a new fridge and stove that was bought to replace the old ones which barely functioned.

While there have been many improvements to the orphanage there still needs to be a lot of change. The improvements that could be made include:

One of the most needed items is funding. The orphanage does not receive very much money so that makes it difficult to pay all of the bills that need to be paid. Happiness who is Question’s wife described some of the different things she would like to do if she received more funding. She said that she would like to have a private tutor at the orphanage. Most of the boys when they first arrive at the orphanage struggle because they have been out of school for too long, and their confidence levels are at a minimum. If the boys had a tutor it would allow them to learn at a pace that they could keep up with. Learning with the tutor would allow the boys to greatly increase their confidence level about learning. Happiness said she would also like to buy the boys new school uniforms. The ones they are using now are torn, rugged, and faded. The other school children can target that these boys are orphans and they bully them because of it. With new clothes the boys could be more comfortable and they could be kept warmer. They also would not be separated from the other boys based simply on their clothing. The orphans could be given the same opportunity as everyone else.

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