August 15 2012



In the afternoon of the 13th, two weeks since the pride's last significant kill, Nala, Narnia and Ashanti were resting on the boundary road of the Kruger area of the site. As the research team approached they saw a herd of zebra moving directly towards the three lionesses.  The lions spotted the approaching meal and a hunt quickly ensued through the thickets that form a large part of this area of the site, with Ashanti leading the way. Within moments Ashanti clamped on the neck of a sub adult zebra and with Nala and Narnia not too far behind the three soon settled in to feed, soon after being joined by Kenge.

Elsewhere in the site, and unaware of this kill, Milo, the other females and all the cubs were zonked out and missed out on the meal.

On the morning of the 14th the lions were in action once again and the team arrived just as another zebra chase was underway in the thickets of Kruger. Catching sight of one female running through the bushes, the team followed and soon found Kenge suffocating a juvenile zebra whilst Milo pinned it to the floor. But this clearly wasn’t enough for the Ngamo pride. Whilst Kenge was busy dispatching her kill, distress calls were heard from another zebra approximately 70 metres away.  The team quickly made their way to the sounds and found Narnia standing over another freshly killed adult zebra. The lionesses had surpassed themselves and managed to make a double kill.

Above - Nala stands over her kill.  Below - Nala follows normal lion procedure by feeding from the easiest point of entry first



The research team sat with Narnia as she started to feed when Kenge appeared, clearly having left the other kill to Milo. Expecting her to join Narnia on her kill, the team were surprised when Kenge walked straight past and towards a thicket 20 metres away. Kenge lowered her head and picked something up from the ground. Surely not? It couldn’t be yet another kill?! But as she moved back towards Narnia it was clear to see that indeed this was a fourth carcass that had been killed sometime during the night and the lions had already half consumed. Lions are opportunistic hunters so even with full bellies they are unlikely to give up a chance to make a kill if it presents itself.

Above - Kwali.  Below - the Ngamo pride feed on the impressive haul.


Ngamo pride

Completely stunned by the zebra carnage, the team sat by the kills for the remainder of the day and enjoyed fantastic sightings of all the pride taking it in turns to feed from the different carcasses. With bellies like barrels the lions were fit to burst and by the morning of the 15th few signs remained of the carnage.  And the pride?  They were completely comatose.


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