Defender of the pride
July 26 2013

The afternoon of the 25th and the Ngamo pride were resting peacefully in the Camp area.  With all pride members present it provided the perfect opportunity for the research team to conduct a territorial playback experiment.

Just after 5pm the research team got into position and soon the echoing roar of a single foreign male could be heard in the direction of waterhole 3.  Milo, who was sound asleep, was quickly on his feet, ears pricked up and looking straight in that direction.


The strange roars had also grabbed the attention of the females and soon Kenge, Phyre and Nala rose to their paws. As the playback continued Milo began his advance towards the assumed intruder and with continual roaring he picked up his pace to a brisk jog.  Keenly watched by the females sight was soon lost of the dominant male.  It was then that Phyre and Kwali made a decision to back up the pride male and made their way along the road towards the sound.

By this time the sounds had ended and Ashanti, AT1 and the cubs slowly followed where the others had gone until they discovered Milo emerging from the long grass back towards them. With Milo in sight the females, one by one, settled, still keeping an eye in the direction from which the playback commenced.  Once he had returned to his females, Milo walked to a nearby bush, sprayed and scraped his hind paws, before exchanging a warm greeting with Nala and daughter AS4.  He soon settled at the front of his pride constantly looking towards waterhole 3.

Kenge & AT1

Kenge and AT1

AT1 was soon distracted by a passing heard of zebra and made her way towards them. This caught the attention of the young male, AS5, who eagerly followed.  The pair rested on an ant hill to gain a better view.  Ashanti meandered back into the Camp area, followed soon by Nala and Phyre before they all settled down together.  KE3 and sister KE4 had also strolled up to join AT1 and AS5 as the herd of zebra slowly disappeared into a thicket.  As the sun slowly set over the release site, the cubs lost interest and returned to their pride.

Narnia update - Narnia is continuing to improve.   As such  she has been let into a management area that directly connects to the release site so that she can socialize with the pride through the fence.  We will continue to monitor her progress.


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