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May 25 2013

The resources available to schools in the Victoria Falls area are extremely limited.  Usually the size and condition of the school buildings and the number of teaching staff available are inadequate for the volume of students who attend.  To allow these schools to offer their best standard of education, we provide both manpower and material support, enabling them to enhance their work in the local community. 

Chikamba Primary School is one such school in need of support.  Community volunteers visited the school recently to hand over donated stationary, exercise books and toys.  They had also made two portable boards for the teachers to use during lessons.  Project staff were pleased to see that since their last visit, the number of teachers at the school had risen and that good use was being made of the resources previously donated.  With the children and their parents in attendance, it was a satisfying experience for the volunteers to be able to see for themselves how their donations would make a difference to this community.

Neliswe Pre-school is currently housed in a one-room building which had previously been condemned by the Ministry of Health.  With nowhere else for the 34 children to go, dedicated staff are having to make the best of this challenging situation.  Community volunteers are doing their bit to help, with the donation of colouring pens, toys and books.  Both teachers and students were excited to have a visit from volunteers and to receive their gifts.  Knowing that other people appreciate the work being done at this school to invest in the children’s futures at this young age, makes the teaching staff even more determined to make a difference.    

Simagade Primary School caters for 146 children, 70 of which are orphans.  Extremely under-resourced, the staff struggle to do their best to provide these children with an education under difficult circumstances.  Despite this, the students were in fine voice when community volunteers paid them a visit.  Before handing out donated clothing, books and toys, they were treated to some beautiful singing from the children led by their class teacher.  The volunteers were touched by this gesture of thanks and pleased that they were able to bring a smile to the children’s faces.


If you are able to help support a school in a needy community, please visit our Sponsor a School page here.


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